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Laurel, Batangas Jeepney Manufacturer Bridges Gap Between Heritage and Innovation

Laurel, Batangas Jeepney Manufacturer Bridges Gap Between Heritage and Innovation

The existence of decades-old jeepneys still treading the Philippine highways has been receiving mixed responses from lawmakers and the riding public.

On the one hand is a group that favors the good ‘ol jeepney’s preservation: the wacky paint jobs, the unnecessarily chromed parts, and all of its unusual quirks that have grown deeper into the fibers of Philippine roads.  On the other hand is a group of people who would like to welcome more comfortable public utility vehicles as jeepneys, no matter how appealing and amusing they are to tourists, have not coped with today’s transportation technologies and conveniences.

But there comes a middle ground between the two— a jeep that retains its traditional aesthetics but at the same time houses a relatively modern and comfortable riding experience.

Glorious Works, a company specializing in custom jeepneys based in Barangay Leviste, Laurel, Batangas, has manufactured modern jeepneys since 2018. Their creativity has birthed jeepneys with a higher headroom, an automatic door reminiscent of modern buses’, and an option for air conditioning.

“Mas sinasakyan ‘tong matataas na ito,” Jun Calinisan, owner of Glorious Works remarked in an interview with WowBatangas. True enough, passengers of their modern jeeps need not scrunch down when getting in and out of the vehicle. The air conditioning, too, makes the commute more desirable and convenient.

Glorious Works’ production line also makes it a point to retain the jeepney’s flashy styling of old: a mix of chrome and galvanized steel panels, oversized decals, and a silhouette that still evokes the traditional lines of classic jeeps.

“Maaliwalas sya… nakikita mo ang pasahero kapag nakasay, nakangiti, natutuwa sila”, Jun furthered.

Glorious Works’ jeeps feature diesel engines which, Jun says, are easy to maintain as parts are available everywhere. Jun Calinisan is also apparently against the Jeepney Phaseout— an issue that has been looming in the Philippines for almost a decade now.

“Kung hindi mawawala ang jeep, magkakaroon ng mga trabaho,” he noted stressing that skilled workers such as engine mechanics, tinsmiths, painters, upholsterers, electricians would not be disposed out of their jobs.

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