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Batangas Goes All In with Responsible Tourism

Batangas Province, just 2 hours away from Metro Manila, has been a favorite destination by tourists from abroad and nearby provinces. In fact, Batangas has been in the Top 10 Philippine Destination list by the Department of Tourism for three (3) consecutive years now since 2018. 

“Nakakatuwa na noong previous years, like in 2018 and 2019 ay napanatili natin ang magandang record ng Batangas pagdating sa turismo. Noong 2018, mayroon tayong almost 12 million same-day visitors.”

  • Ms. Steph Landicho | Senior Tourism Operation Officer | PTCAO

In 2020, the Batangas Tourism Industry has been hardly hit by unfortunate events such as the Taal Volcano Eruption in January, Enhanced Community Quarantine Lockdown due to COVID19 starting March, and a series of typhoons in the later months of the year. Travel restrictions forced the closure of tourist establishments and destinations, affecting businessmen and employees alike.

Now that the quarantine is gradually being lifted, Batangas Province is carefully opening its doors to tourists. DOT has started to provide Permits to Operate to qualified businesses. Guidelines and strict protocols are also set and must be followed by both tourists and tourism establishments.

Last Saturday, January 30, 2020, WOWBatangas Team experienced the “New Normal” way to enjoy traveling at the Batangas Lakelands at Balete, Batangas. 

LIMA Park Hotel and Batangas Lakelands, one of the DOT accredited tourism enterprises here in Batangas, teamed up to roll out new concepts of travel experience mindfully crafted for tourists to still enjoy the fun of traveling while following strict IATF health and safety protocols.

Before the event starts, all the guests are reminded to maintain social distancing, be required to wear our facemasks all the time and fill up contact tracing forms and sanitize ourselves on their sanitation booth. 

We enjoyed riding a wide array of modern bicycles for free, learn basic archery, fly drones and afterward side the Batangas Lakelands Transport Bus (BLTB) to Amore Point where you’ll get to ride a boat in Taal Lake and enjoy the scenery. 

You also have the option to bring-your-own-food or pre-book your picnic-by-the-lake lunch with LIMA Park Hotel. 

WOWBatangas Tip: Book your travel when they’re offering special activities such as Drone 101 and Sky Adventures (Helicopter Tours). 

“We continuously remind our employees and guests to follow health and safety protocols such as social distancing, frequent handwashing, wearing of face shields, and facemasks, and frequent sanitation of hotel amenities and gears. We also have booths for filling up contact tracing forms and sanitation. We need to embrace the New Normal and we need to enjoy life safely and responsibly.”

  • Ms. Anna Ortiz | Vice President | Batangas Lakelands

Responsible Tourism, as exemplified by LIMA Park Hotel and Batangas Lakelands, is not just the duty of an establishment to implement health and safety protocols. It also requires responsible tourists to comply for their overall safety and the people around them. We may not be used to these very strict guidelines before, but this is essential to balance the fun of traveling with the safety of our family and friends.

Enjoy and be safe traveling to Batangas.

📸 Edison Manalo | Hero Robles | Owen Lascano
📍 Balete, Batangas

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