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DepEd plants 236K Fruit-Bearing Trees in One Day

47, 678 public schools from all over the Philippines simultaneously planted fruit-bearing trees in their respective campuses and/ or nearby open spaces, Dec. 6.

The said activity fosters a deeper understanding of environmental issues and promote conservation efforts. Through hands-on learning and practical application of environmental concepts, learners will develop a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment.

VP Duterte directed schools who lack spaces to carry out the activity in open, alternative places such as local parks and marine-protected areas. The DepEd, through DepEd Memorandum Number 69 s. 2023, also assigned school heads to assess the condition of the trees, identifying any potential risks or diseases, and promptly addressing them. The growth of the seedlings should likewise be monitored to ensure the health, growth, and sustainability of the trees under the school’s care.

Fernando Air Base Integrated National High School (FABINHS), a public secondary school based in Lipa City, Batangas and one of the participating schools in the said undertaking sowed coffee seedlings inside their campus. The activity was participated select student organizations, teachers and club advisers.

“The activity not only helped in increasing the campus’ green cover but also served as a fun and educational experience for the participants,” FABINHS posted at their official facebook page.

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