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A way of the Cross in a time of Pandemic – Visita Iglesia 2020

The Nover Corona Virus has limited us to celebrate the Holy Week the way it used to be. The Enhanced Community Quarantine is already lifted until the end of April and travel restrictions restricted us to one of our most common Holy Week Tradition which is the Visita Iglesia.

Visita Iglesia is a catholic tradition of visiting at least seven churches and praying the Stations of the Cross. Many tourists are visiting Batangas Province during this period of the year because of our Catholic churches especially “The Little Rome of the Philippines” Lipa.

Even though we may not celebrate the Holy Week the way it used to be, technology finds its way to still exercise our faith and love of God. Online Masses, Visita Iglesia, Holy Week Reflections and more are now live-streamed online which brings the church in the comfort of our own homes.

Thanks to the internet, we get to keep our Holy Week tradition alive amid this novel coronavirus pandemic.

We at WOWBatangas created a Virtual Version of Visita Iglesia you can do at home with your friend and family. Stay safe and pray for the healing of the world.

Download the PDF version by clicking this link.

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Edison Manalo is the Lead Editor of WOWBatangas.

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