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Gen Zs, Millennials drive Sigla Music and Arts Festival to Fruition

Beyond Limits Events Production (BLEP), the people behind Sigla Music and Arts Festival, is run by a relatively young core with mostly Gen Zs and Millennials heading its operations.

Oftentimes mistaken as a Manila-based prod, BLEP has a history that is deeply rooted in Batangas. In an interview with, Hannah Cabral, BLEP founding member and a local of Lemery, tells that the group stemmed from Rotaract Youth Batangueno — a chartered club sponsored by Rotary Club of Taal- Lemery Circle.

Rotaract Youth Batangueno has managed to put up charity concerts that featured OPM stars and budding local artists and helped alleviate the conditions of Batanguenos in indigency. “The problem is…,” Hannah says, “concert goers always ask, Kailan ang sunod ninyong event? (When is your next event?)”— a subtle indication that Batanguenos desire a tad more of the national music scene. “We felt the need to assemble an events management team so we could do more charity work and perhaps serve people outside of Batangas.”

As of writing, BLEP has reached out to Aeta Communities, cancer patients, rural schools, and senior citizens to provide them with whatever service or material is necessary.  The proceeds of BLEP and its flagship project, Sigla Music and Arts Festival, go to charity— a testament to the young group’s genuine concern for the marginalized and nation-building

Sigla was supposed to happen two years ago”. COVID-19 and the lockdowns and restrictions it entailed with it delayed the festival. However, Sigla now carries more weight to its moniker and is more fitting now that restrictions, regulations, and lockdowns— the utter antithesis of Sigla (enthusiasm)— are now non-existent.

The festival primarily targeted the Gen Z audience. It can be noticed that the festival’s roster of artists is ultra-current. “Sikat ba talaga ‘tong mga to? (Are they really famous?”), Hannah kids as the 28-year-old seemed to be foreign to the musical leanings of her officemates who mostly are five to ten years her junior. BLEP acknowledged the notion and agreed to add equally celebrated musicians to their concert lineup to rake in audiences outside of the Gen Z bracket. “So we could help out more people,” Hannah justifies.

 BLEP has managed to sponsor several outreach programs but they feel they could do more and help more if they produce grandiose, age-bracket-transcending events such as Sigla.

The two-day festival is top-billed by Ben and Ben, GLOC 9, and KMKZ  with performances from Sponge Cola, Rivermaya, Morisette, Adie, Arthur Nery, Silent Sanctuary, Shanti Dope, Sunkissed Lola, Kiyo, Munimuni, Kenaniah, Bandang Lapis, Rob Deniel, DJ Tom Taus, Ellie, DJ Marc Marasigan, DJ Davi Dez, Lynde, Keanna, Justin Atienza, Ervylle, DJ Byron and Denise Julia.  

BLEP considers Batangas Lakelands as the best venue for this event thanks to its open grounds that could house thousands of people, adequate parking spaces, and a well-planned, audience-friendly layout that could host a sufficient number of concessionaires and restrooms.

The Sigla Music and Arts Festival is slated on May 19-20, 2023 at Batangas Lakelands, Balete Batangas. Visit BLEP’s and Batangas Lakeland’s official Facebook pages to know more about the event:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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