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Valentino Resort and Spa

Pinagtung-Ulan, San Jose, Calabarzon, Philippines

Among resorts in Batangas, only one answers to all possible needs and wants. Need some solo rest and relaxation? Want a romantic getaway for you and your special someone? Need a place for your barkada to party in? Want a venue for your office team building? Only Valentino Resort and Spa can deliver all these.

Valentino Resort was established in 2008, and was started by the Patron family. Mr. Patron started small in the agricultural industry and soon delved into the construction business. He credits his success to luck and visitors can see the number 8 in the logo of Valentino Resort as well as in subtle designs all throughout the property, because Mr. Patron believes in the luck that it brings.
For Batanguenos and guests from Manila, Valentino Resort is a quick escape to the stressful life of the city. It is a very accessible resort found at the very serene and tranquil barrio of Pinagtung-ulan, San Jose, Batangas. Valentino has proven that it can deliver the best experience for couples and family outings. The pool gives a rainforest feel to it that is soothing to the soul.

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The resort can also house the entire office for uninterrupted conferences and workshops. Space has been designed for maximum efficiency, accessibility, and comfort.

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The accommodations are reasonably priced and comfortable for an out-of-town stay. Rooms are flexible with additional mattresses and other items upon request.

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With its picturesque natural surroundings, Valentino Resort is also a favorite for debut and prenup photoshoots. The environment has been shaped to resound tranquility and peace.

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In addition to the relaxing environment, the resort offers various health and beauty services in their Spa. If you want to get your heart pounding, the resort also offers a sports center and a go-kart track.

The staff are personally trained and forms a Valentino Resort family. The resort helps extends their relationship with their staff by ensuring the education of the staff’s kids. In return, the staff are able to provide quick and prompt service.

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With advocacies for health through sports, the resort now offers a Basketball Court that can hold events with up to 600 pax. And now you can bring the rest of the Barangay for your local events in the resort’s beautiful pavilion that can accommodate up to 250 pax.
And to make this paradise even more divine, they have their Maria Restaurant and the dishes are truly otherworldly. Everyone must try the native tinolang manok!

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For reservations and other information you may contact: (0917) 515-5936 | (0939) 907-6694 | (043) 783-0558 . So if you’re outside Batangas, come here and you’ll see that this is truly worth the ride! And if you’re in Batangas, come and enjoy our local paradise.

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