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Alitagtag, Show Your Finest!

Alitagtag, the Float Capital of the Region, is home to a booming float-making industry, the Kaligya festival, a number of breathtaking resorts and views and historical parish churches and shrines. Of course, behind the rich culture, traditions and tourist spots of this town are the talented, generous and warm people who preserve these.

In line with this, surely there are lots of options if these people were asked to take the finest photo of their hometown. Will it be of the floats for the Float Festival, of dances from the Kaligya Festival, of the view of the shores of the Taal Lake, of the Binukulan Shrine or the Holy Cross within it? Or will it be something richer than all the ones mentioned – something that no one has yet to see? has launched its “My Hometown’s Finest Photo Contest”, a photo contest that encourages the people from every town in Batangas to show the world their hometown’s finest photo. The prize of the contest is a brand-new DSLR camera, but how does that compare to the honor of representing the wonder of your beloved hometown?

The contest is still on, and there’s still three days to go before the deadline for submission of entries on May 15. Almost all towns in Batangas have sent in their hometown’s finest photos, and will the people of Alitagtag pass up this chance to prove what their town is most proud of? I hope not.

Join the contest now and send in your entry about the person, place or product best represents your hometown! For more details about the contest, click here.

— Contributed by: Alison Jane P. de Silva, De La Salle Lipa

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