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Scandi Christmas Lighting at LIMA Park Hotel

Clean, simple, and minimalist—it is the total opposite if asked to describe what a Filipino Christmas is. We were always used to the exploding fusion of red and green colors layered by lights in our streets during the yuletide season, but this year, LIMA Park Hotel lit up the start of their Christmas with a Scandinavian style. It’s literally beauty in simplicity.

Ironic how the idea blends with how Filipinos celebrate Christmas season, but it is actually timely to think about. That in the middle of these unending bustles of our undying traffic on the streets, undefeated price hikes and piling societal controversies, what we need best is an eye-friendly lightly-designed place that rests guests in their mere peek. Our feelings were even affirmed by LIMA Park Hotel Vice President Ria Nario by saying, “The best thing about Christmas at LIMA Park Hotel is our guests, how they choose to celebrate this season in our place and how they find us fitting perfectly for their celebrations. Just like Christmas, the spirit of giving lives on for us through hospitality. “

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