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San Juan

LAMBAYOK Festival 2009 Dance Competitions (elementary and high school levels)

WOWBatangas Team is right here at San Juan, Batangas for the LAMBAYOK Festival 2009. The team arrived here just in time for the folk dance competition participated by nine elementary schools. Tipas Elementary School San Juan East Central School - Champion Buhaynasapa Elementary School San Juan Children's Center Libato Elementary …

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Catch WOWBatangas Team at the LAMBAYOK Festival 2009 in San Juan, Batangas

LAMBAYOK Festival showcases the three growing industries of San Juan, Batangas – lambanog (coconut wine or vodka), palayok (clay pot), and their booming beach resort industry. This festival celebrates the creativity, ingenuity, and hard work of the people of San Juan. LAMBAYOK Festival had been joining the Aliwan Fiesta, a …

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Memoirs of Laiya, San Juan

contributed by: Janel Bajaro “Despite the long-hours of travel to Laiya, San Juan, one would still find it as a haven that would sure to ease stressors away.” Among  the remarkable places in Batangas province are the beach resorts in Laiya, San Juan Batangas. Laiya is an eco-friendly destination where citizens …

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President Gloria Arroyo Attends the Inauguration of the Newly-Completed Port of San Juan and Laiya Road Project

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo attended the inauguration of the newly-completed Port of San Juan. The said port and road was built in order to provide a better transport facilities and livelihood services for the people and Southern Tagalog through the Roll-On, Roll-Off Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH). According to reports, San Juan Mayor Danilo …

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