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Cuenca, Batangas Festival

Visit the Cuenca, Batangas page for all information on Cuenca. Cuenca, a town in Batangas is known for its panaderos (bakers) and best known with the tasty tinapay (bread) that these panaderos bake. With these, the local Government of Cuenca organized a festival called the “Tinapayan” where  most bakers in town …

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San Jose, Batangas Festival

Visit the San Jose, Batangas page for all information on San Jose. What is sinuam? It is a salty and spicy egg soup usually prepared for women who have just gave birth. Why do San Jose locals have this for their festival? Well, it is simplybecause poutry is the dominant business in …

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Parada ng mga Lechon, Balayan, Batangas

Visit the Balayan page for all information on Balayan. A lechon on a table during fiestas is already a big wow for the visitors. How much more of this: a whole parade about 100 of these mouth watering, roasted pigs! This is what we could witness every 24th of June at Balayan, Batangas. Local Balayan folks do this …

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