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Collection of “Pro Populo” Masses for Haiti

– a repost from fathernonie.wordpress.comCollection of “Pro Populo” Masses for Haiti (January 23, 2010) – Lipa Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelles have called on the parish priests and faithful in the Archdiocese of Lipa to earmark all Pro Populo Masses tomorrow for the local church’s financial help to Haiti, devastated by …

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ISLA VERDE: The Hidden Treasure

Knowing that we will be visiting Isla Verde made us all excited. We had a lot of guesses even before we get there like how beautiful the place is, how hospitable the people are and what will be the distinguished food in there that will make our mouth melts. But …

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LOBO: Bliss in the Wake of Peaks

“Experiencing Lobo, for one day is not enough to explore its beauty. But I guess, once you’re there, even for one day, for sure you’ll feel that you are blessed and fortunate for it offers not only its beauty but it also open the doors to explore its history,” said …

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The Isla Verde Adventure

Batangas is commonly known as “Industrial Port City of CALABARZON and still being known as one of the cities in the Philippine setting with the rapid improvement in its economy. Another thing, Batangas is classified as the Regional Growth Center and assumed as the city having the high potential and …

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Balete Ride

I am one of the fortunate people who have seen the hidden beauty of Balete. It is wise choice to be at this place. My first time to step at the very stunning scenery of this town was extremely a magnificent experience. I had witnessed unusual things such as “pamamana” …

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