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Revisiting Taal, the Heritage Town

The other day, we went to Taal to visit Abby’s Garden Resort, one of our clients in our website development company. I still can’t get to commuting to Taal but it ended fine anyways.

It was Jackie’s first time to Taal and if only we have the luxury of time, we could have toured around a bit.

We have featured Taal for quite a number of times here. Remember our stories of the first El Pasubat Festival?

We are also getting inquiries from time to time about the largest Catholic Church in Asia – Basilica of St. Martin de Tours.

Basilica of St. Martin de Tours in Taal, Batangas

What do you like most about Taal? If you’re like Jackie who’s a first time visitor in the Heritage Town, these are the things that you should see, eat, and experience in Taal, Batangas:

The houses, something old and beautiful. We got the chance to join the Visita De Las Casas or the tour around the heritage houses owned by the town’s most influential families.

heritage house in taal, batangas

Walking around the Heritage Town. If you’ve been to Vigan and you miss the old interesting vibe there, go to Taal and discover the same experience the Batangueño way.

going around the Heritage Town - Taal, Batangas

Oh my empanada!. Gerlie and I currently have a client for a beach wedding this March. The groom is British and the bride is Pinay but she’s not a Batangueña, although they have been residing in Batangas City for two years now. In our visit to the wedding attire supplier we booked, we brought the couple to Taal Public Market to introduce to them the local favorite — empanada.

The verdict? They loved it! We weren’t able to tell them to buy tapang Taal though.

Taal-empanada | Batangas

Balisong of all sizes.

Balisong or the butterfly knife is one of the trademarks of the Province of Batangas. In Taal, where the authentic balisongs are made, there are a couple of sizes to choose from.

TAAL - balisong or butterfly knives | Batangas

Impromptu photo shoot, say what?! Haha. When you visit Taal, or any destination in particular, one of the things you should not forget is your camera. Because the Basilica as your background makes a really interesting captured memoir of a Taal vsit. Like this one.

photo shoot in Taal, Batangas

Got nothing to do this weekend? Revisit Taal, the Heritage Town, one more time. 🙂

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