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Invite Us to your Event!

If you think your Company Event or Festivity in your Town are worthy of being featured here in, invite us and we’ll have it covered and posted here in our website, as well as our Facebook page. This event may be:

  • a Company/Organization Party
  • a Seminar or Workshop
  • a Fair or Gathering
  • a Product Launch/Event
  • a Concert
  • a Beauty Pageant
  • an Outreach Program
  • a Town Fiesta
  • a Festival
  • an Exhibit
  • a Medical Mission
  • a Religious Event/Tour/Pilgrimage

These are just some of the events we could feature. Let our fellow Batangueños know of you and your company. MAKE YOUR EVENT COUNT, because if it’s not in WOWBatangas, then it is easily forgotten. Interested? E-mail us your Name, Company/Org, and Contact no. at and we will get back to you asap.

Event Coverage Packages

Package #1 (4 hours)
– 100-150 Enhanced Photos, the highlights of your event
– Unlimited Raw Photos stored on USB Thumb Drive

– 50 edited pictures and a 2-minute edited video posted on and our FB Page
Price : P20,000
– not inclusive of transportation and food/lodging

Event Coverage Package #2 – 8 hours
– 2 Photographers, 1 Videographer crew
– Coverage of your event (4 hours max)
– 20-page 8×10″ Magazine-Type Album
– 15-20 minute Non-Linear AVP stored in DVD (3 Copies)
– Unlimited Pictures stored in DVD
– 1-2 hours linear video stored in DVD
– 75-100 edited pictures and a 2-3 minute edited video posted on and our FB Page
Price : P50,000
– not inclusive of transportation and food/lodging

1) One (1) Writer – P3000
2) One (1) Photographer – P3000
3) One (1) Videographer – P3000
4) 40-page 8×10″ Album – Additional P8000
5) We charge P1000 for every hour beyond the allotted 4 hours coverage.

Again, to get in touch with us, E-mail us your Name, Company/Org, and Contact no. at and we will get back to you asap.

Contribute is open for contributions of articles, photos, and videos of anything Non-Profit about Batangas.

What could be the content of your contribution? Your story, photo, or video may feature any of the following:

  • events (town fiesta, festival, beauty pageants, etc.)
  • food and other popular town products
  • destinations
  • people (stories of success and inspiration)
  • other interesting stories about your town
  • your own blog (personal stories or experiences you want to share and is worthy of being published online)

Photo and video contributions must have a short description including when and where it was taken.

Articles with your own photos are highly encouraged. If photo comes from another source, indicate proper credit.

Send in your story, photo, or video to and start showing the world what Batangas is all about!


  1. Hi!

    I am a recruiter for a gasoline station in Batangas area and we would like to inquire if we can post our hiring needs here?

    Thank you!

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