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Soaring Heights: Cabas Captures Beauty of Batangas


Aerial photography is modern technology’s invaluable gift to mankind. The view from up above is indeed captivating as landscapes, natural (and manmade) formations and a smorgasbord of textures and hues submit themselves to the camera. This perspective, like nothing else, provides a broader, more holistic understanding of man and his environment.

Omniscient, a drone camera could see everything— from the clouds to the ocean’s surface, but sans an able pilot, stale, dispirited photos, to a trained eye, are passable at best. “Everything” may not be always interesting.

For seasoned drone camera pilots like Eric Cabas, aerial photos must assume a soul— a persona that tells a story, and then some.

Cabas, through his lens, is an effective storyteller. Much of his work revolves around Batangas, specifically those that include the Taal Volcano crater. ” I am always mesmerized by its beauty amidst the recent destruction,” the Nueva Ecija-born photographer said in an interview with Wowbatangas. His photos of the famed lake and volcano effortlessly evoke a sense of melancholy and cautious optimism–much like the art of Kintsugi.

Some of Cabas’ works have been featured in the Philippine Star some time last year. With over 150,000 reactions and 13,000 shares, he has been introduced to a larger audience; and rightfully so, his photos hold stories of community, progress and undeniable art.

He brims with optimism, noting that getting great feedback, positive and negative, is what drives him to push forward.

Now a resident of Imus, the RPAS-licensed drone pilot continues to provide photos and videos for private and corporate clients and longs to immerse himself more in the film industry.

It’s photographers and videographers like Cabas who help the film and photography industry forge ahead— people who do not only have great command of film equipment, but have mastered the art of story telling as well.

photos from eric cabas’ facebook account.

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