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3 Things You Should Know Before Car Camping in Batangas

Batangas has been the go-to retreat of Manilenos and other neighboring provinces for outdoor adventures. Because of its alluring mountains and relatively untouched beaches that come with pleasing, panoramic perspectives, “Bayan ng Magiting” has been frequented by hikers, divers, and people who prefer to veer away from the formulaic weekdays.

In recent years and as seen on numerous vlogs on various social media platforms, the province has also been home to car campers. Car camping has become a popular way to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature, with many campers opting for cozy campsite gatherings, stargazing, and bonfires as a way to unwind and create lasting memories.

These lasting memories, for sure, ought to be the good kind. To ensure that your Batangas car camping experience is void of the proverbial hassle, here are some tips and reminders before you rev away:

  1. BLOWBAGSY and Beyond
    • Aside from double-checking the BLOWBAGSY (Battery, Lights, Oil, Water Air/ Accessories, Gas/ Fuel, Steering, Yourself), a car camper must also verify a couple of things more such as the security of his top load, camping equipment and food.
    • Car shops might be few and far in between so tagging a mechanic-friend along could do wonders. Also, a friend’s car that could winch you and maneuver you out of muddy, slippery terrains is also ideal.
    • In Batangas where campsites are probably a couple of hours away from the city, one must ensure that the things on his top load carrier are mounted appropriately and won’t come flying at highway speeds.
    • The knowledge of efficient assembling, using and dismantling camping gear is crucial. Trust me, you don’t want to spend half an hour trying to figure out how enclosed awning tents/ rooms stand upright while your friends are enjoying the beach or are taking selfies by the bonfire. Read your equipment manuals beforehand and try installing it somewhere convenient before actually using it in an outdoor setting.
    • Food isn’t always available, especially during late nights when most of the stores are closed. The nearest 7-11 might be hours away so packing enough food, drinks and snacks is essential.
    • For non 4x4s, some resorts have parking spots near the shore area. Tourists could then proceed to the shore and pitch their tents.
  2. Cash is King
    • Some beach resorts and stores might not accept online payments and having cash on hand saves you the hassle of finding a payment/ encashment center that, again, might be miles away.
  3. Don’t Say Ala Eh
    • While Batanguenos are generally accommodating, hospitable people, don’t even think of saying the phrase “Ala Eh”. Some might think of it as a mockery of the dialect, especially if it doesn’t sound natural, even if non-Batanguenos see it as a way to connect with the locals. Just speak in Tagalog or English to avoid awkward conversations afterward.

Car camping introduces Batangas in a unique approach. Sans the city noise, one could truly appreciate the off-the-grid experience specially when surrounded by the natural wonders of the province. Also, through car camping, tourists can support local economies and conservation efforts by staying in designated campsites and respecting the natural environment, ultimately contributing to the sustainable development of eco-tourism.

photos by: Zarby Cubillas

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