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What Bakwits (Really) Need

Beyond the overflowing relief goods and the modern-day display of bayanihan(people-helping-people), I have been trying to pinpoint what the gravely-affected Taal Volcano victims and evacuees or bakwits really need. TV and Social Media channels keep showing destroyed houses, cracked roads, ongoing activity of Taal Volcano, the once-inhabited island being declared …

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Taal Lake Fluvial Procession – Lumangkinang Festival 2019

Sampung taon ng pagparada sa laot, animnapu’t siyam na bangka ng mga mananampalataya, at hindi mabibilang na pasasalamat — Ito ang diwa at kahulugan ng selebrasyon ng Lumangkinang Fluvial Procession na pinagkaisahan ng mga mamamayan ng Brgy. Lumanglipa, Kinalaglagan, at Nangkaan sa Mataasnakahoy, Batangas nito lamang ika-27 ng Hunyo 2019. …

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The Alchemist

Kathrine Trimocha   The Alchemist has a strong impression the man’s lesson in this book is to find your purpose in life. This story takes place in the desserts of North Africa as well as Southern Spain. Dreams, symbols, signs and adventure follow the reader in this novel. With this …

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Women’s Day Celebration (8 March 2009)

Each year on 8 March, hundreds of International Women’s Day events occur all around the world. They events range from small random informal gatherings to large-scale highly organised events. All celebrate women’s advancement and highlight the need for continued vigilance and action. International Women’s Day may be a day of …

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The “Aral ng Batangueno, Mamamayan at Kristiyano” Book

The Book “Aral Ng Batangueno, Mamamayan at Kristiyano”, is perhaps the first Philippine attempt to inculturate (although in still very limited fashion) Christian Doctrine and practice as adopted to a definite people’s (in the case, the Batanguenos) culture. It has fifteen chapters and discusses apostolic vision; what it is; its …

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What’s with 09/09/09?

Even to the Numerology newcomer, this date is unique because it is 9/9/09. To a Numerology expert, this date is extraordinary for its combination of the numbers 11, 9 and 2. The technical explanation for this (and please bear with me) is that 9/9/2009 translates to 9/9/11 (since the digits …

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