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The Alchemist

Kathrine Trimocha


The Alchemist has a strong impression the man’s lesson in this book is to find your purpose in life. This story takes place in the desserts of North Africa as well as Southern Spain. Dreams, symbols, signs and adventure follow the reader in this novel. With this symbolic book, the author, Paulo Coelho, states that we should not avoid our destinies and urges people to follow your dreams because to find your personal myth and our mission on earth is the way to find “God”, meaning happiness, fulfillment and the ultimate purpose of creation.

            It is about a boy who goes in search of riches in the pyramids after having wants of his dreams on the treasure. He takes on a journey to find his treasure and achieve what is called his personal legend. A personal legend is the goal you were meant to accomplish when one is born on earth. This book is a kind of novel that bursts with optimism. It tells that everything is possible as long as you really want it to happen; the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true. This is a philosophy of the novel that echoes behind the author’s writing. And it is true that the humankind desperately wants to believe the old king when he says that the greatest lie in the world is that in some point we lose the ability to control our lives and become the pawns of fate. It also tells that fear of failure seems to be the greatest obstacle to achieve your dreams and happiness. As the old crystal-seller confesses “I am not afraid that great disappointment awaits me and so I prefer to dream”. This is where the story captures the drama of a man, who sacrifices fulfillment to conformity, who knows he can achieve greatness but denies to do so and ends up living a life of void. It is interesting that the story presents the person who denies following his dreams as the person who denies to see God and that every happy person carries God within him. However, only few people choose people to follow the road that has been made for them and find God while searching for the destiny and mission on earth.

            It is a  novel that is very symbolic that Santiago finds his soul mate and the secrets of wisdom in the wilderness of the desert. In the desert, Santiago meets his twin soul and discovers that love is the core of existence and creation. It shows that when we love, we always try to improve ourselves  and that is when everything is possible.

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