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What’s with 09/09/09?

Even to the Numerology newcomer, this date is unique because it is 9/9/09. To a Numerology expert, this date is extraordinary for its combination of the numbers 11, 9 and 2. The technical explanation for this (and please bear with me) is that 9/9/2009 translates to 9/9/11 (since the digits of 2009, when added together, equal 11). The next step is that the difference between 11 and 9 is 2, and if you were to continue adding digits, you would find two more 2s in this date, and one more 11.

What does this mean? That these numbers align in an unusual way and hold special sway for people on this planet.

11 is a Master number, meaning it is particularly potent and, on a scale of importance, it reigns supreme. There are three double-digit numbers (the “Master numbers”) that are thought to be powerful. In fact, they’re thought to push us beyond our normal limitations. 11 is the first of these (the other two are 22 and 33).

In the case of September 9, 2009, 11 shines bright and brings a strong sense of awareness and compassion — as well as intuition — to this date. There is an undercurrent of interconnectedness, of brotherhood. 11 is the diplomatic peacemaker, and the number of the heart, but is probably best known for drawing people together. To go a step further, consider this: one of the darkest of human tendencies is to separate ourselves from our fellow man, to alienate. This makes it possible for mankind to cause death and mayhem among their own kind. When that sense of distance is lessened, we are unable to cause each other such profound pain. (source here)

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