Top 50 Finalists – People’s Choice Award – Ala Eh! Festival 2014 Photo Contest

The Top 50 Finalists are posted here.

Please visit the actual exhibit at the 2nd Floor of the Municipal Hall of Taal, Batangas from December 1-8, 2014.

Join our On-site Photo Contest in Taal and win more prizes!

People’s Choice Award Mechanics

  1. Using Google Chrome or Firefox of your Desktop, Laptop or Tablet, access Please log-in using your verified Facebook account, the one you are regularly using.
  2. Your Facebook Profile A) must be unique (no dummy and duplicate accounts) B) must be created at least 1 month before the voting started C) must have at least 100 friends. If your profile fails these tests, your vote will not be counted upon audit.
  3. Go to LIKE the page to get updates on the Ala Eh! Festival 2014.
  4. Click on 2014 Voting below the cover page.

    Voting 2014 App at WOWBatangas Facebook

  5. Allow the Pinoy Contest app to access your profile. They have a privacy policy and your personal details are safe.
  6. Choose Photo Contest – Ala Eh Festival 2014. Click on Top 50 Finalists. Browse through all the photos and when you find the one that you want to support, hit Vote. (NOTE : WE ARE CURRENTLY FIXING THE ASPECT RATIO OF THE PHOTOS. PLEASE BEAR WITH US) Once you have voted, you cannot vote for other entries anymore.
  7. Congratulations! You just properly voted for the WOWBatangas People’s Choice Award for the Photo Contest – Ala Eh Festival 2014 .

Voting Ends : December 7, 2014 at 12MN

Terms and Conditions:

  • For security purposes, the Pinoy Contest app is not available on FB iOS App (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and FB Android (Phone and Tablet) devices.
  • Use the latest version of Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox and make sure you have a fast Internet connection when voting.
  • Yes you have to follow the instructions to vote. (Sadya pong mahirap bumoto dahil ayaw nating lahat na magkaroon ng dayaan.)
  • The comments section is off for this contest.
  • The unofficial tally seen on the bottom of the app is NOT FINAL. Unauthorized votes from accounts mentioned in the rules will not be included in the final counting. Again, no dummy/duplicate accounts, newly-created accounts, and accounts with less than 100 friends. You’ll just waste your time trying to cheat the app and you’ll be giving false hopes to the photographers.
  • The winner will be announced on December 8, 2014 during the Ala Eh! Festival program. Results will be final and binding. Highest vote-getter takes home the WOWBatangas People’s Choice Award.
  • Email us at for any immediate concerns and questions.

Top 50 Finalists - Ala Eh! Festival Photo Contest

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