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Stop Whining, Start Supporting NO Plastic, NO Styro Campaigns

Ayoko ng plastik. And I’m not talking about two-faced people.

There are six billion people on earth and that means a huge number of people can act as warriors to save Mother Earth before life-threatening instances can occur and hunt us all our lives.

Surely, you’ve joined the Earth Hour campaign last month but what other things do you think you can do to contribute on the worldwide move to protect earth and yes, us humans?

I was looking for something a while ago in the official website of Batangas City government and found two prominent buttons which say: “BAWAL NA ANG PLASTIK” and “BAWAL NA ANG STYRO”. And then when you click on each button, an informative image would appear, telling what harmful effects plastic and styro and the alternative products we can use instead of these two.

Come on, it has been told over and over again that plastic and styro can bring further damage to Earth and are considered the culprits in global warming. Damaging effects originate from the manufacturing stage up to the final products of plastic-based or styro-made materials. The energy used to produce such products — petroleum and natural gas — pollutes the environment and worse, contributes to climate change.

I commend this local fashion brand which prohibits the use of plastic bags every Wednesday. I once got to visit a branch at Robinson’s Lipa on a Wednesday and was surprised when the items I bought weren’t placed in a small plastic bag and were instead wrapped with my purchase receipt. Good thing I purchased two small items ’cause I don’t have enough space in my bag had I bought large items. The woman in front of the line purchased five different items and the cashier asked her to open her bags and put the items inside. The customer declined at first and complained for a few minutes but after realizing that it’s a store policy every Wednesday, she just shut her mouth and open her bag.

Can you keep up if the same ordinance will be implemented in your own town? The BAWAL NA ANG PLASTIK and BAWAL NA ANG STYRO campaigns are under the Batangas City E-Code, Art. XII, Sec. 84.

I suggest we stop complaining when the people in authority mandates us to do this and avoid that. If it’s for the greater good, who are we to protest? Stop whining. It’s time we make bayongs and reusable bags a cool trend.


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