Easter Sunday: A Celebration of Hope, Love, Life

This is a day of hope and a day of unrelenting love. Jesus Christ has risen. And for us who believe in Him, this is a day to rejoice His eternal love and the promise of a new beginning.

The term “Easter” was derived from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, Estre. What’s the significance of eggs on Easter Sunday? It’s because of the Roman belief that “all life comes from an egg” and Christians take egg as “the seed of life” which symbolizes the resurrection of Christ. (inventors.about.com)

How do you celebrate Easter?

Easter egg hunt is an activity for kids to celebrate this day. Although it has been commercialized as years pass by, it is but important that children must know the true essence of Easter. Have you told your kid about God’s coming back to life?

With my mom and my brother, I attended the Easter mass this morning. We brought candles which were used for the “renewal” of the baptism promises. This renewal would always serve as a reminder that there is hope, there is another chance to usher in a new beginning — of strengthened faith and unfading love for the One who has given up His own life for the salvation of humanity.

Let us all be thankful for this is a celebration of life — OUR life.

Life is wonderful. Love well earthlings.


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