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Batangueño Food: Gotong Batangas

What sets gotong Batangas apart from the other version Filipinos know is that goto in this province has no rice. Other than envisioning it as a congee, gotong Batangas is a soup with beef tripes and innards.

Gotong Batangas was said to have originated in Lipa City. Hence, the rising of the city’s famous Gotohan sa Barangay in Brgy. Antipolo del Norte. For those squeamish about eating innards, they have goto laman, with cubes of beef meat.

The best time to have gotong Batangas is early in the morning to warm your tummy. Squeezing a calamansi and adding chopped onions would complete this comforting dish. Yum!

gotong batangas - recipeIngredients

beef tripes and innards
salt and pepper
chili (optional)


Clean the tripes and innards properly then boil. Boiling hours may vary, depending on how old the cow where these tripes and innards are from.

Cook until tender. Get the entrails and cut into bite size pieces.

Saute the tripes and innards with garlic, onion and ginger. Atchuete may be added at this point for added flavor and color.

Pour in 1/8 cup of vinegar.

Afterwards, add in water according to how much you want the soup to be.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.

Enjoy gotong Batangas with calamansi and chili and of course, a cup of steamed rice!

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