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Batangas, to host Philippines’ entry for Guinness’ Longest Painting in the World


*for those who are interested, you can pass your contact details and Artist Profile to the following e-mails:

Chelony Mercado (
Longest Painting Council (
longest painting in the world
This event is a part of the Art Miles project which is a 5,280 murals, 12 miles, one Pyramid promoting Intercultural Dialogue and Global Harmony through mural art, and supporting the International Decade for a Culture of Peace, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals.

Calendar of Activity:

June 25, 2010                  ARRIVAL OF ASEAN DELEGATE

                                                Hosted by San Nicolas

                                                Pansipit River and BFAR Environment Lecture

                                                Taal City Tour

                                                Batangas Province Welcome dinner at Batangas Capitol

June 26, 2010                   ASEAN Delegates’ Workshop

                                                Livelihood Center Building, Batangas Port

June 27, 2010                  ASEAN Delegate’ Worksop

                                                The Art Coffee Workshop, SM Lipa City

June 28, 2010                          Livelihood Center Building Whole Day Activity.

                                                 7:00 a.m. The Philippines’ World’s  Longest Painting on Continuous canvas Final World Record Mark.

                                                12:00 noon official measuring of the continuous canvas.

                                                3:00 Formal Announcement of the New World Record for the Painting on Continuous Canvas and ASEAN Fusion of Arts.

                                                6:00 The Kapuso Day Victory Treat Concert



Founder/Organizer: ROLLIE DE LEON

Project Manager: PANCHO LARDIZABAL (Office of the Gov., Batangas)

Official Project Coordinator: CHELONY MERCADO

Area Manager:
GRIEGO VIVE ( Tanauan/Talisay Batangas)
LEONIDA CORREA ( Batangas City)
ALVA ALVAREZ (Mataasnakahoy/ Lipa City)


longest painting official logo

Guidelines and how to participate for the Longest Painting on Continuous canvas
Finale Celebration of
UNESCO’s 2001-2010: International Decade for Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World
And World Environment Awareness
Final world records attempt for GWR
Guidelines and how to participate:

The Longest Painting in the beginning:

• April 22, 206 the first 100 meters was set as the beginning of the Guinness World Record launching held at SM Fairview Mall. Mayor Sonny Belmonte donated Php. 50,000.00, as the Quezon City contribution for Fifty (50) Students from Public Schools participants. GMA-7 Donated additional Php. 10,000.00, for the paints. Participants from Metro-Manila, Bulacan, Lipa City, Batangas City, and Laguna, paid of Php. 1,000.00 each as share for the canvas. Chow-king donated food for the guests and volunteers. Miss Earth candidates participate in the mural collaboration. The Theme song was launched, composed and performed by Reuben Laurente.. Mayor Gerry Calderon of Angono, official from Quezon City, NCCA and UNESCO-Philippines graced the program.
• August, 2006. Series of daily lengthening of the canvas in painting progress has been witnessed by the public at SM City North EDSA until September. Congresswoman Annie-Rosa Susano donated Php. 20,000.00 for additional canvas and paints. PAGCOR donated Php. 100, 000.00, PCSO gave Php. 10,000.00 and friends of Rollie de Leon from GMA Network, Inc., contributes Php. 15,000.00 to sustain the project for other expenditures and other miscellaneous. DepEd from NCR sent more students every day to fill-up the canvas.
• October 16, 2006. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) supported the contamination of the length contributing 3,400 meters painted canvas with more than 3000 participants across the country representing from 16 rgions and the National Capital.
• On June 28, 2010 with the ASEAN representative, joining with Filipino artists both amateur and professionals will finally finish the expected reach more than 7000 meters marking the new world record on continuous canvas. In time the Art Miles Mural Project-UNESCO will welcome the Philippines’ World’s Longest Painting on September 21, 2010 in Cairo, Egypt. The Grand Exhibition of the Century marking the Decade Celebration on culture of Peace.

Guidelines on how to participate:

1. The painting activity is an advocacy of the OTSAA as to create awareness and concern for the culture of Peace and environment.
2. Interested participants may write a letter of request to join thru electronic mail: or as indicating the following; full name, home / postal address, age and birth date, profession or students, e-mail address, mobile telephone, and study of works for the Longest painting.*
3. Registered artist will be notified by e-mails and text message for details when the art will be executed.
4. The organizer through its partners and sponsors may invite other participants to the event.
5. Participants must bring their own paint brushes, water container, mixing palette, and rugs. Water base paint is the official medium. Paint will be provided by the organizer
6. Participants must shoulder their own expences including transportation, food, and accommodation during the D-day.
7. Deadline of registration is June 24, 2010.

The D-Day Guidelines:

1. The Philippines’ World’s Longest Painting will be ready for the collaboration day at PPA-Multi Porpuse Building in Batangas City. June 28, 20010 at 7:00 a.m.
2. The gate will open at seven o’clock in the morning June 28, 2010 All pre-registered (via e-mail: Guidelines and how to participate item 2) will be place on the line entry for name verification before they will send to designated assigned space on the canvas.
3. There will be registration where qualified participants will register on a first-come-first serve basis until 8:30 a.m.
4. Walk in Participants will consider to be assigned from 8: 31 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
5. All participants are requested to finish their works not later than 1:00 p.m.
6. Participants will be requested to go outside the mural and transfer to the waiting areas as prominent tally board is on standby to place the official digit mark.
7. Official Batangas Engineering team will starts measuring the canvas at 1:15 p.m.together with two OTSAA’s assigned as witnessed signatories.
8. Media and other documentation teams are allowed to take photos or video during the official measuring rites.
9. The official witnessed signatories will announce after signed the final measurement is officially taken and followed by the official opening ceremony.
10. Certificate of participation will be awarded to all participants after finishing their works.
11. As 2006 MOA deal between OTSAA and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR). Another special certificate will issue after Guinness World Records will confirm the documentation of the Final measurement in length after official investigation. This will take another separate date to be announced.

* Very important guidelines.

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