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Batangueños are Happy People

I was supposed to watch Here Comes the Bride last night but my favorite someone came too late for us to catch the movie in an earlier screening. He’s not fond of watching Tagalog movies most especially the romantic films I’m so eager to see so I always end up inviting girlfriends to do so.

So what’s the point? I know he would love to see Here Comes the Bride. Why? He’s Batangueño. And Batangueños love to have a good laugh.

This is one of the most admired traits of us Batangueños – we’re fun-loving. No matter how difficult times may get, we always find ways to laugh and at least be happy.

Ako, personally, mababaw ang kaligayahan ko. It may seem strange for some people but there are sources of happiness na hindi mo aakalaing malaking bagay ‘yun para sa ibang tao. Kay Gerlie ko nalaman na ang saging ay nakakapagbigay ng ‘happy hormones’ sa tao. Nung nalaman ko yun, napaisip tuloy ako kung may happy hormones din kaya ang lip gloss, Pringles, gummy bears, at cheeseburger ng Mc Donald’s.

Ikaw, masayahin ka din ga?

Other people who don’t know me too well might think I’m too serious, that I’m confined with standards or I’m too blunt. Wrong. I love spontaneity! At times I think it’s how genuine happiness are being generated. Yung happiness na hindi pinipilit. Mas maganda yung basta ka na lang nagiging masaya without you expecting it.

Isa sa mga pinagkakatuwaan namin sa office ay ang mga knock-knock jokes, either galing sa mga gag shows or sariling gawa na knock-knock. May paborito kaming source ng knock-knocks sa TV ngayon. Simple lang naman ang mga hirit. Corny nga at baduy ang ilan. Pero hindi naman yun ang talagang tinatawanan kundi yun paraan at attempt ng isa na magpatawa sa iba.

I guess it’s part of the Batangueño culture to find happiness in simple ways. Batangueños are fond of merry-making in different ways. Some do it with bottles of beer; some over cups of coffee; some gets the best moments while one or two plays guitar; some, wala lang, basta kwentuhan lang.

Knock-knock… 🙂

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