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Pinky Swear Nails

J.P Laurel National Highway Mataas Na Lupa, Lipa City

Pinky Swear Nails is a nail salon and spa that provides the latest and advanced nail care and design services. It is located along JP Laurel National Highway Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City in front of De La Salle Lipa.

The Salon

Youthful and elegant is the best phrase to describe Pinky Swear Nails. The lavender theme with pink touches adds sweetness and feminity vibes to the salon. Once you enter, lavender scent will surround you in the lounge while soothing music improves the relaxing mood. The lounge is cozy. There are 4 individual couches with pillows and one sofa which is good for 3 persons. There are two rooms designed for other treatments like waxing and eyelash extensions. The place has a cozy ambience. Air-conditioned, accessible to Wi-Fi and has magazines you can pass the time with. The sets of nail lacquers, towels and treatment tools are well-organized and clean.

By next month, Pinky Swear Nails 2nd branch at Villa Lourdes will open to more clients. This branch is bigger to accommodate more customers and provide more services like body massage and spa.

The Founder

At the age of 23, Ms. Sharmaine Roxas has already established her own business named Pinky Swear Nails. Ever since, she loves taking good care of her nails. After getting some funds from her internship in the US, Ms. Sharmaine pursued putting up her dream nail business last June 2016.

Before the business officially opened, Ms. Sharmaine took nail care training in Manila for several weeks to learn all the services that her salon offers. She trained her own staff from basic to advanced level. Aside from being a well-skilled entrepreneur, she is also a nail care educator in Quezon City who trains aspiring nail technicians. When it comes to managing her salon, she is hands-on owner and she does this by sourcing high-end nail polish brands herself, procuring different tools and apparatus, evaluating performance of her staffs(while keeping the salon clean and sanitized), and making sure of top-notch quality service to customers. The latest Nail Care and Design Trends? Those are exactly what Pinky Swear Nails offers to its customers.


Pinky Swear Nails uses high-end nail polish brands which are imported from US. The tools and apparatus are sterilized before being used to make sure that they are safe. There are wide arrays of nail polish colors from gel, glitters, matte and glossy. Clients can be delighted with different nail arts and designs. The salon has nail printer called 02 nails. You can customize your nail with whatever design you can think of. The salon opens for spa party for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any events.

Another offering of Pinky Swear Nails is the love stone, a Himalayan Salt which provides a lot of health benefits. According to, Himalayan Salt, also known as Himalayan Crystal Salt, is a type of rock salt best known for its striking pink color which comes from the natural presence of several trace minerals, including magnesium and iodine. It regulates water levels in the body, promotes stable ph balance, encourages healthy blood sugar levels and reduces the appearance of aging. There are 5 staffs who work all around. Well-skilled, very friendly and accommodating. You can approach them anytime.

Offered services are the following:

  • Standard Nail Care
  • Gel Nail Care
  • Spa
  • Nail Extensions
  • Nail Art and Embellishment
  • Threading
  • Ear Candling
  • Waxing
  • Eyelash Enhancement

Our Experience

“It was an awesome experience getting my hand and foot spa done at Pinky Swear Nails. Great ambience , relaxing and the staffs are friendly. Love the service!” – Recy Mea, Marketing, WOW Batangas Directory

“Ever since then, I was a loyal customer of Pinky Swear Nails and I keep coming back because of the way they treat their clients with passion and care, it’s an outstanding service.” – KP Santos, Publishing Editor, WOW Batangas Directory

Contact Details: 

Address : J.P Laurel National Highway Mataas Na Lupa, Lipa City
Hours of Operation : 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Landline : 043 741 8835
Mobile : 0995 448 5202 | Sharmaine Roxas

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