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San Luis, Batangas Festival

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The Patron Saint of San Luis Batangas is of course, Saint Louis and San Isidro Labrador. They celebrate their town fiesta every 25th of August. Some celebrates the fiesta every February for it’s the time of their bountiful harvests.

Usually, a town fiesta in San Luis, Batangas is accompanied with a morning mass and a procession of saints. The rest of the people after the procession will gather at plaza or gymnasium for some shows.

There’s a tradition in San Luis, Batangas where they will steal candles. Yes, steal! It’s a part of their tradition every November 1st, All Saint’s Day. They don’t steal candles in exchange for money, I mean, it’s the name of the game, their tradition which they actually call Tumba.

Tumba, originated from the ancestors sort of Festival of Light and Candles. After stealing candles, they will form it in a pyramid and people will dance around the candles. It’s such a unique way of commemorating those who passed away.

Needless to say, San Luis, Batangas has a very unique set of customs and traditions. Just like every town in Batangas Province, they do celebrate, have fun and make memories and rare culture of their own.


Last Updated: November 14, 2013

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