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San Juan, Batangas Commemorative Dates

Visit the San Juan, Batangas page for all information on San Juan.

Here are the  commemorative dates and town celebrations in San Juan, Batangas:

Lambayok Festival / Founding Anniversary of San Juan Batangas
Date of Celebration: December 12
Duration of Activity: 3 days

Regatta / Fluvial Parade
Date of Celebration:April and May
Duration of Activity: 1 Day

Flores De Mayo
Date of Celebration:May
Duration of Activity: 1 Day

Religious Tourism
Date of Celebration:Lenten Season
Duration of Activity: 2 Days

Pabasa ng Pasyon sa Mahal na Senyor
Date of Celebration:Every Maundy Thursday and Holy Friday

Paghalik sa Senyor
Date of Celebration:Friday
Duration of Activity: Throughout the Year

Tapusan / Alayan sa Tuklong
Date of Celebration:May 1 to May 31
Duration of Activity: 1 Month

Feast Day of St. John Nepomucene
Date of Celebration:May 15 to 16
Duration of Activity: 2 Days


Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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