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Batangas City Foodtrip: Letty’s Pancit Tikyano

One of the best things I love about a road trip is eating out! Thanks to my parents’ genes, I don’t need to go on a diet even if I’d pig out everyday. 🙂

Last week, we went to Batangas City for an interesting task I am yet to mention. And after dealing with the hot temperature of the city, we got exhausted and hungry. It’s time for a yummy merienda!

The team, together with Ms. Wendy Bautista and Ms. Lea de Chavez of SM Lipa and SM Batangas respectively, went to Letty’s – a local canteen a few meters from the Basilica. Upon entering the canteen, we were greeted by a punching aroma (oops) which we later realized it’s coming from the famous delicacy we’re about to eat.

We were told about the pancit tikyano – the only red (or orange) stir-fried noodles in Batangas, or maybe even in the country. The pancit tikyano has the usual pancit toppings – shredded cabbage, upo, sayote, onions, and pork. I don’t know if it has other toppings pa (in some other days maybe). I’m not really a pancit person but probably because of my hunger, I have eaten quite a lot than I expected. And oh, you should eat with with their BBQ din! Para mas kumpleto ang foodtrip.

The team stayed for a few more minutes after the meal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to ask how to cook the pancit tikyano and how the noodles become red. Anyone who would like to share some pancit tikyano info? 🙂 All we know is that the name was originated from Mang Tikyano, I supposed the man behind the delicacy, the father of Letty who owns the canteen.

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