P-Noy’s SONA and Yours

Later on today, Pres. Noynoy Aquino will ‘report to his bosses’ in his 2013 State of the Nation Address (SONA). What are your expectations of the president’s 4th SONA?

To encapsulate things, every SONA reveals what the current president had accomplished in a year’s time after his last state of the nation. It’s like a report card made by the nation’s leader to the public who needs to know everything that involves their welfare and what was supposed to be the factors contributing to their ‘brighter future’.

Oh, include the reports of fashion police detailing who are the best and the worst dressed in SONA 2013. Hey, even politicians deserve their red carpet moments.

Expect that Aquino’s SONA 2013 will bring promises of a better life for the Filipino people. Admit it, the past presidents did so and you can categorize those promises as fulfilled, empty, or broken. We may also anticipate that this year’s SONA will be filled with ‘sermons’ and ‘parinig’. Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan guilty.

Is P-Noy doing it right, leading the rest of us to “daang matuwid”? Were his efforts enough? Is the Aquino administration worthy of an A+? A B-? Or a C+ maybe?

How about you? If you are to deliver your personal SONA, how do you think the public will react? Will you be given dozens of applause or will they just sit down in silence in total disappointment of how you’ve managed your life in the recent 12 months?

SONA 2013 - Philippines - Pres. Noynoy AquinoSONA may be good, SONA may be bad. It depends on which side are you taking. Ganun lang naman yun eh. If you admire Pres. Noynoy for whatever reason, you will somehow be tinted with positivity that yes, the Philippines is actually moving forward and the lives of the Filipino people will all get better in time. However, if you personally do not like Pres. Noynoy, most likely you will be publicly posting your dismay about the current state of our country and focus on the negative things, maka-react lang.

The other day, I came across a Facebook wall post of a friend. The thought of her post was why people are condemning the President alone for any misfortune of the country and the people when most of us cannot even comply with simple regulations like do not smoke on public places or do not litter.

Whoever holds presidency will be blamed if a huge percentage of the people are still swingin on the poverty line. Perhaps it’s time for us to be reminded that whoever is the leader of the nation is there only to lead us. He does not have direct control of our lives, more so because we’re in a democratic country, so you are still the captain of your own ship. If you don’t get up, study or work hard everyday, how will you get the life you think you deserve?

What will be the content of your personal SONA? Have the liberty to speak your mind by leaving a comment below or by joining the conversation on our Facebook page.

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