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Silog Meals: All-Time Favorite Pinoy Breakfast

Pinoy breakfast vary from each household in the country. There are people who only eat light meals like fruits and cereals. Some start their day with a piece of pan de sal and hot coffee.

But for people who anticipate a long day at work or at school, a heavy breakfast is vital to gain energy for the rest of the day. And for so many years now, our palates often crave the union of sinangag (fried rice), meat, and egg — collectively called the “silog” meals.

Which among the silog meals is your favorite?

Tapsilog — tapa + sinangag + itlog


Tocilog — tocino + sinangag + itlog


Longsilog — longganisa + sinangag + itlog


Bangsilog — bangus + sinangag + itlog


Cornsilog — corned beef + sinangag + itlog


Hotsilog — hotdog + sinangag + itlog


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