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Lobo Got Talent Winners and Crowd Pleasers

September 26, 2011 — LOBO GOT TALENT was indeed a successful one.

LGT has truly brought out the best acts in LOBO.

From singers to dancers to magicians to beatboxers and orators, one is surely guaranteed that Lobo is not only a place of flourishing agriculture but of talented people as well.

Stellar performances never failed to wow the crowd as there are no two performances alike.

Also, no Typhoon Pedring or power outtage could falter a single Loboan as the community plaza, which served as the venue for the show, was filled to the brim from start to finish.

The show started at 9:00 PM of September 26 and ended almost 3:30 AM the following day. Thanks to the awesome performances of the 26 finalists and to the antics of comedic hosts, Gwadings (Gwapong Badings), no one was left bored.

Also, the event was graced with qualified and lauded judges in the names of Jerome Laurel, Amelia Matanguihan-Ilagan, Prima Diva Pili, Bensy Flores and Opal Torres.

The event started with a bang courtesy of the almost 10 minute production number of all the contestants which gave the audience a sneak peak of their performances. The production number was followed by another one which now features the singing and dancing capacities of the event organizers.

The succeeding events would be the performances of the contestants. I don’t want to beat around the bush, so the following would be the top 5 performers of Lobo.

PYC, Shadow Players, Champion

PYC’s performance is a shadow play reminiscent of Tanauan’s El Gamma Penumbra. The group is composed of 24 members — friends who are not more than 18 years old.

Sir Alan “Bualaw” Carmona, a 40 year old dance choreographer, was more than proud of his group’s achievement as massive amounts of hugs and joyful screams were seen when their group was called and was declared as the Lobo Got Talent Champion.

Their performance centered on the lives of the common Loboan. Simple living, Batangueno culture and the proverbial victory of Saint Michael Archangel (The patron saint of Lobo) over Lucifer was creatively showcased. Indeed, PYC has captured the essence of Lobo and delivered it on such an intricate yet creative method of shadow play.

Jaime Mateo Jr., Singer, 1st runner up

Jaime’s rendition of Open Arms is the best one that I have ever heard. His voice, his diction, heck, the totality of his performance is ethereal.

His rendition is so heartfelt that one could close his eyes and drown in the majesty of his voice. It’s that good. Morever, when one bases his first impressions on the superficial, then he would be surprised of this man’s skills.

His looks might be deceiving alright, but his pipes are better than the Piolo Pascuals and the John LLoyds for sure.

Jeanne Claudine and Lester, Ballroom Dancers, 2nd runner up

Never mind the rough routines and the below perfect dance moves. Jeanne and Lester are very young siblings who braved the stage and performed their best in front of thousands of people. And did well, at that.

These kids have shown tremendous guts and warded off technical difficulties as hindrances to their performance.

Liftings, footwork, and body coordination,is pretty much excellent given the fact that they are only kids below ten years of age.

Super Twins, Dancers, 3rd runner up

Surprisingly, the twins who I thought were European, have no European traces at all. More surprisingly, the twins who I thought were college grads were just grade six students.

Moving on, the European looking twins performed a K-POP dance number. Full of surprises, definitely.

The one thing that is consistent though is their charm. Audience were all eyes on them for they are too cute to ignore. Add to that the equally cute dance moves of K-POP and you’ll see what the beauty of simplicity or the uhmmm… simplicity of beauty is all about.

Dondon Ramirez, singer, 4th runner up

Dondon Ramirez’s full baritone voice gave Air Supply’s Goodbye another dimension. Though the judges did take notice of his poor diction, the quality of his voice seemed to be good enough to receive applause and cheers from the audience.

Here are other performances which also captured the fancy of the audience:

Zion Band did a solemn performance that made them unique from the other bands that joined the contest.Their rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Today My Life Begins” is nothing less than psychedelic.
Sexbomb Kids were also one of the crowd’s favorites because of their graceful moves.
Cristine Delmo did not make it to the top 5 but her voice and beauty is a winner in itself
11-year-old, Seph Arias, captured the hearts of the audience with his pristine voice. His version of Bruno Mar's "Marry You" features his potentials as one great singer in the making
Marcelo Landicho's one of a kind performance ala Balagtas is indeed one of the highlights of the night

Lobo really has talent.

But at the end of the day, the true stars of the night would be the whole Loboan community who stayed up until the wee hours of the night. They were there standing amidst in the rain-drenched covered court while supporting their bets all night long.

This is only a proof of what Mayor Diona had said: “Iba na ang Lobo noon sa Lobo ngayon. Ang Lobo ngayon, nagkakaisa!”

Cheers Lobo! and may the good times continue to roll! 🙂

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