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Siete Baracos Coffee, the First Original Batangas Brewed Coffee in the Market

Gone are the days when we have to go to coffee millers to purchase kapeng barako. Because of the demand for this strong brewed coffee, which is significantly associated with Batangas, local coffee businessmen had introduced the goodness of kapeng barako to a greater commercial sphere, much to the delight of coffee lovers around the Philippines.

Siete Baracos Coffee is the first, original Batangas brewed coffee in the market since 1977. Through the efforts of Dr. Amado Silva and his family, kapeng barako reached places beyond Batangas. Distributed by Bayanan Delicacy Center, the Siete Baracos Coffee then came in commercial packs and had found its place on the racks of supermarkets in Metro Manila and Cebu.

In 1970s, Dr. Amado’s father cultivated his coffee farm in the barangays of Bayorbor and San Sebastian in Mataasnakahoy. Dr. Amado saw an opportunity for their coffee business to grow. He began roasting the baraco beans and put the coffee powder in a nice package which he then brought to Manila.

Siete Baracos Coffee - Blackgold Blend - Batangas CoffeeDr. Amado asked one supermarket if he can sell his coffee packs there. He was not granted the space he wanted but was offered to display two dozens of Siete Baracos Coffee packs instead. When he went back to check how the coffee packs were doing, he saw nothing on the shelf and thought the management pulled them off. But it was good news that Dr. Amado received. Siete Baracos Coffee packs were sold immediately.

From then on, Siete Baracos Coffee reached the shelves of other supermarkets in Metro Manila and even in Cebu. Their products include Siete Baracos Pure Baraco (available in ground and whole beans), 3 in 1 Blend (a blend of Arabica, Robusta, and Barako as the most prominent in the blend), Blackgold Blend (a blend of Arabica and Barako), Blackgold Instant Brewed Coffee (sugar-free and contains inulin fiber), and Brewmaster Blend (another blend of Arabica, Robusta, and Barako but with more of Arabica in this blend).

More than being a family business, Siete Baracos Coffee is a tradition the Silvas plan to keep and pass on to the next generation. Apart from growing their coffee endeavor, this Batangueño family has a continuous effort in rearing the greatness of coffee in Batangas.

To know more about Siete Baracos Coffee, click Batangas brewed coffee.

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