Batangas Recreational Activity: Ziplining (Why You Don’t Need to Go Someplace Else)

DESTINATION: Mataasnakahoy, Batangas

One recreational activity that Batangueños love to do is going on zip line rides. The experience in doing such recreational activity is breathtaking. Not that it’s exhausting and you’ll run out of breath but because riding on zip lines will allow you to have an overlooking view of a particular spot. That view is the one that could be breathtaking.

One has to climb on an elevated ground, suspend himself from a pulley that moves across several cables which are hung between trees or man-made structures, and then glide down overlooking the natural surroundings such as forest, jungle, or waterfalls, but in some cases, the resort ground below.

And when we talk about zip line in the province of Batangas, La Viriginia Hotel and Resort in the town of Mataasnakahoy is one of the renowned destinations for this recreational activity. Surely, this is one of the best ways for you to start conquering your fear of heights.


From Manila to Batangas, ride on a bus bound to Batangas and get off at the Tambo Exit in Lipa City (1.5-2.0 hours).

Take a jeepney ride to Mataasnakahoy. There are several jeepney end points in town. Choose among the jeepneys with the following signboards: Longos, Nangkaan, Bayorbor, Bayan. Tell the driver that you will be going to La Virginia and you will be instructed to ride on a tricycle going to the resort (less than 5 minutes).


Fare: Bus ride from Manila to Batangas ranges from P100.00 – 120.00. Jeepney ride from STAR Toll Tambo Exit to Mataasnakahoy town proper is P8.00.

Entrance to the resort: P300.00 for adults; P200.00 for children ages 12 and below; children which ages range from 4 and below are free

Zip line Rates: 2-Way Ride (w/ Photo Frame) = P300.00; 2-Way Ride (w/ Photo Mug) = P400.00

Schedule: Rides are open from 8am to 6pm everyday (till sunset)


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