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Sta. Teresita, Batangas History

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What you are about to read is the history of the town Sta. Teresita taken from the existing reccords of the Municipal Government.

The Municipality of Sta. Teresita is a relatively young town compared to the neighboring municipalities.. Concerted efforts and representatives made by prominent citizens headed by the Rev. Fr. Vicente Catapang resulted in the issuance in 29 December 1961 by the President Carlos P. Garcia of Executive Order No. 454 creating the Municipality of Sta. Teresita. Said municipality of Sta.Teresita was then named after its Patron Saint, St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

It is composed of several barangays severed from the three neighboring municipalities. From the Municipality of Taal, Barangay Sambat, Sinipian, Bihis, Calayaan, Irukan and Cutang Cawayan were incorporated into the new municipality. Likewise, Barangay Calumala, Tambo, Saimsim and Burol were taken from the Municipality of San Nicolas. From the Municipality of San Luis, Barangay Pacifico and Sampa were separated to complete what is now the Municipality of Sta. Teresita.

In 1961, the Honorable Ireneo Aquino was appointed Mayor of the new municipality. He was tasked to organize the municipal bureaucracy. In June 1962, Mayor Norberto C. Segunial was appointed and took place the administration of the Municipality until Deceber 1962. His administration saw the organization of the Municipal Police Force.

On January 1963, the Honorable Miguel A. Villano became the first elected Mayor of Sta. Teresita. It was during his term that the Municipal Hall was erected. Municipal and Barangay roads were constructed. School buildings were established.

On 1971, Barangay Antipolo, which was part and parcel of Barangay Sinipian became a separate barangay as well as Barangay Cutang Cawayan which became Cuta East and Cuta West respectively.

January 1972 saw the advent of the term of Mayor Norberto C. Segunial. It was duing hiss term that service oriented projects were implemented. Waterworks systems were established. Health Centers and more schools were constructed. A massive electrification program benefited the entire municipality. A new Local Tax Code was formulated and promulgated. It was also during his term when pursuant to P.D. 86 and 86A, Brgy. Poblacion was divided into 3 Poblacion Barangays- Brgy. Pob Zone I, Brgy. Pob. Zone II and Brgy. Pob. Zone III respectively.

On May 1986, the Honorable Bayani H. Andal was appointed Municipal Mayor. He sought to improve mobility within the municipality by improving existing roads. Duing the 1988 Local Election, he was elected as the Municipal Mayor and served for three (3) terms until June 30, 1988.

There was a changee in the Municipal Administration with the advent of the May 9, 1988 elections wherein neophyte but an energetic and development-oriented Local Chief Executive in the person of Hon. Atty. Adorlito B. Ginete came into the picture. It was during the 1st year of his term when several reforms and modifications were introduced like the formulation of the Comprehensive Development Land Use Plan of the local government unit until 2013.

Guided by the Vision and Mission of the Municipality when the active and full support as well as the cooperation of the Sangguniang Bayan, local and national officcials and employees, barangay officials, non government organizations, the private sector and the whole citizenry, the goals and objectives towards a socio economic and progressive local government unit is not remote.

On July 2, 2007, Hon. Anna Marie Ilagan Mendoza, who was the vice mayor for three (3) consecutive terms won the election for mayoralty and assumed office as the Local Chief Executive.

Guided by her long time experiences as a legislator, she was able to continue what the former mayor had started. There were continuing projects in terms of infrastructure, health services, and financial assistance for the needy.

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