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San Juan, Batangas Beaches

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In Laiya, San Juan, Batangas there are fine beach resorts which offer a great escape to urban life, good facilities with all the escape you need are worth reiterating, dining pavilions that poised a slew of enticing cuisine. The sugar-coated white sand beaches complimented by crystal clear water teeming with colorful marine life makes one feel a world of extremes separated from the noise of the cities that one has gotten to.

The 33-kilometer coastline that includes 16 coastal barangays are laced within the 496 hectares of mangrove forests to patches of dramatic rocky shorelines that serves as a picturesque backdrop enhanced by the panoramic view of mountain ranges.

Here are some of the water activities that you will surely enjoy:
– snorkeling
– scuba diving
– sea kayaking
– wind surfing
– hiking / camping
– whaleshark and dolphin watching
– plant and wildlife appreciation
– bird watching
– swimming in infinity pools or crystal-clear emerald sea

Here are the list of beaches in San Juan, Batangas

  1. Bahay Marikit
  2. Dreamland Inland Resort
  3. Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
  4. Kabayan Beach resort
  5. Balai Beach Resort
  6. La Luz Beach Resort
  7. Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
  8. White Cove Beach Resort
  9. Blue coral Beach Resort
  10. Sabangan Beach Resort
  11. Costa de Madera Beach Resort
  12. Porto Gualberto
  13. Earth, Wind, Seas Beach Resort
  14. Virgin Beach Resort
  15. Pahiyas Beach Resort
  16. Triple G Beach Resort
  17. Dona Nena Beach Resort
  18. Taramindu Beach Resort
  19. Palm Beach Resort
  20. Village Plaza
  21. Aquatico Beach Resort
  22. Village Plaza Beach Resort
  23. Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort and Hotel
  24. One Laiya Beach Resort
  25. Llamar Beach Resort
  26. Casa Dolores Beach Resort
  27. Napoleon Nazareno
  28. Aqua Verde Beach Resort
  29. Good Shepherd rest house
  30. Village Plaza Beach Resort
  31. Paseo Verde Beach Resort
  32. Villa Sulit Beach Resort
  33. Felix Panganiban
  34. Aguado Beach Resort
  35. Elizabeth Anciete
  36. Les Caraibes Beach Resort
  37. Mangrove Beach Resort
  38. Marta’s Haven Beach Resort
  39. Punto Miguel Beach Resort
  40. Kabayan Beach Resort
  41. Casa Remo
  42. Honorio Hizon
  43. Maria Nora Luis Camara
  44. La Playa Resort Village
  45. La Playa Farm Resort
  46. Active Group
  47. Pipisik Beach Resort
  48. Ala Biga Beach Resort
  49. Punto Miguel Beach Resort
  50. Naambon Beach Resort

Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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