WOWBatangas Team’s Adventure to Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Beach

Mabini, known for its diving and snorkeling sites, is truly a haven for tourists. I have proven this when our team finally strode on to this paradise. From Mataasnakahyo, it took around an hour and a half for us to reach Eagle Point Resort in Barrio Bagalangit, Anilao, Mabini.

Exploring Eagle Point Resort

Upon entering the resort’s vicinity, there’s a sign board that says “Your adventure starts here”. It was my first time to go there and whoa! We were all shaking inside the car as we traced the winding road. A zigzag, up and down road surprised us and yes, it was the start of our adventure.

After approximately 10 minutes (including the time we waited for the shuttle service to fetch us from the parking area) we finally reached the resort proper. We immediately came in to the resort’s central part called The Main Core and then to the cozy bar and restaurant dubbed as Eagle’s Nest. A souvenir boutique is also located at the core of the resort.

After several minutes, our Team was led to our room where we can take a rest and unpack our bags. We occupied a Mediterranean-inspired room in the Terrace Hotel. Oh, all I can say about the room is that it’s very comfortable plus the veranda facing the sea will give you enough dose of R & R.

The Team set the gadgets to use for the shoot and afterwards we went out the room and roamed around the resort. Good thing, the weather permitted us, so we came up with nice shots of the amenities of the resort. While we were wandering around, I realized that this site is really a haven for tourists. With the resort facilities and amenities, lots of activities to do are up for you to choose from.

We did not let the day end without taking pictures of the sunset. We took our favorite shot and poses. Syempre maraming jump shots! 😀 The panoramic view of the sea while the sun sets on the horizon was truly amazing.

The night then becomes exciting when we finally sat at the restaurant’s dining table. Of course, we expected fresh foods to be served and it was more than what we anticipated. Mary Joy (or Ajoy), a restaurant staff was very accommodating; she made sure we’re having the best time.

The variety of meals that they served for dinner was worth the wait. The soup, salad, main course and the dessert were all delectable. Our team actually experienced what Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant could offer to all the visitors of the resort. Several minutes after that heavy dinner, we headed back to our room and had our usual ‘pictorial’ for personal profile album consumption and the Amazing Spiderman to cap the night. I just can’t sleep that time, because I was really excited for our Sepoc beach tour the next day.

Sepoc Beach Adventure

On our second day at the resort, we were scheduled for a tour to Sepoc Beach Center. We immediately rode on a motorized boat half an hour after our breakfast. Yes, I was very excited because that was my first time going to Sepoc. Oh, the sea was not that placid at the time of our trip but it did not scare me, it actually added thrill to our ride! After almost 30 minutes, we reached the Sepoc Beach Center. The white sand and clear sea water amazed the whole team.

We only had an hour to enjoy the place so we immediately did the water activities on the site. We went kayaking and snorkeling and it was my first time to do such water activities. Kayaking, at first it was really hard – sagwan dito sagwan doon at hindi kami magkaintindihan ng expert na si Ms. D. Haha. Then we did snorkeling, we saw various fish even on the shallow part of the water.

Though we want to stay for a little longer on Sepoc, there’s nothing we can do but to follow our itinerary and we had to go back before the waves get even bigger. We rode the motorized boat back to Eagle Point Resort. The waves were bigger by then and if you are not used to that kind of ride, it will scare you. But for me, again, it only added excitement to the trip.

That adventure trip with the WOWBatangas Team was precious! We enjoyed every part of the resort. The staff and crew were really hospitable. And as a first timer, I can say that I would love to go back to this place and continue exploring the resort.

Overall, the experience was priceless and I will never forget this escapade. And of course, we would like to thank Sir Lyle Cajayon, Eagle Point Resort restaurant manager, for helping us out in making this trip possible. To the staff of the resort, especially to Ms. Ajoy for entertaining us, and Ms. Beverly for assisting us in our Sepoc beach tour. They’re all approachable and friendly and that made us at ease in the resort.

Tips for those who want to visit Eagle Point Resort

If you haven’t been here before, you should visit the place to experience it’s first-class services and facilities. We have another long weekend for Undas plus it’s still semestral break for students, so why not spend some of your days in this resort? Eagle Point is a leading diving resort in Anilao but it is open to everyone, diver or not, who just want to escape from the searing city and have a relaxing vacation. And I can prove that this site is indeed a calming one.

Every cent that you’ll spend at Eagle Point is worth it. I suggest you to go there with a group of friends, or your family so you can share expenses. There are day tour packages that will suit your budget and your group. Eagle Point Resort also offers promos on group-buying sites such as and and I think that’s good purchase for students who want to enjoy a vacation even on a tight budget.

Gear up! Make sure you have your cameras with you when you visit this place or else it would just be like a memory without actual pictures to browse later on. Also check the weather forecast before booking a visit, so it would not be hard for you to travel especially when you are going to Sepoc Beach or you’re up for a diving adventure.

These are some of the photos from our recent adventure to Eagle Point Resort and Sepoc Beach Center.

For more photos, view our Eagle Point and Sepoc Beach adventure album.

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