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Mike Enriquez: “Media is a business. Competition is tough, rough and at times downright ruthless”

We were looking forward to seeing Mike Enriquez in person and how he would be delivering his talk during the First Regional Marketing and PR Congress at De La Salle Lipa last Saturday, January 29. But the Team went to the other event, the IT summit organized by Batangas Information Technology Society, where we were among the resource speakers.

Fortunately, we have our masisipag na OJTs from DLSL, they took down notes of the Imbestigador’s substantial speech.

He greeted the audience with his famous line, “Excuse me po”. Mike Enriquez graduated at De La Salle Greenhills, creating a close affinity to the La Sallian community present at the event.

GMA News’ main man shared that “what is news to you may not be news to others, especially journalists”. Oh how I wish I was actually there so I could strip off every piece of his message.

Here are the highlights of Mike Enriquez’s speech in the said Regional Marketing and PR Congress:

  • He does ad lib most of the time.
  • Your product is your best message. Make sure of your product before promoting.
  • You compete 24/7.
  • Know your media. And make media know you.
  • Media can be your best friend and also your worst enemy.
  • You may not need all media all the time. It’s the vital few as against the wasteful many.
  • You have to build relationships with the media.
  • Stories, especially exclusives are more appreciated than gifts.
  • Be a news source instead of just being a source of press releases. (I admire his advocacy for authenticity)
  • Communicate directly with specific persons in media organizations.
  • Media is a business. Competition is tough, rough and at times downright ruthless. (Undeniably correct)
  • His father taught him: ‘you must distinguish the difference between a gift and a bribe…’
  • The best element for success in the media business: credibility.
  • “If it bleeds, it leads -pag may aksidenteng nangyari at may namatay, mas umaaksyon.”

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