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Try This: 30 Days to Explore Batangas

Life itself is an adventure. It is meant to be discovered. If you don’t go out and see the world, you’re missing a lot.

This year, let your life be filled with experiences – big and small – they may be new, they may be replays. And why not start with our beautiful Batangas first?

This 30 days of Exploring Batangas challenge was first meant for those who have the luxury of time and money to go out and experience Batangas for one whole month. As in one adventure a day.

But then we realized that not all of us can devote a lot of time for trips even if the destinations are still within Batangas. So have the liberty to do the items in this list AT YOUR OWN PACE. Although labeled with “Day 1”, “Day 2”, and so on, that’s okay. Do one whenever you have time. And budget to spend.

Or, if you’re just up for a random discovery of the beautiful Batangas, you can pick any of these daily adventures and mark your calendars as you wish!

This is one exciting adventure you can try this summer.

30 days

30 Days to Explore Batangas

Day 1 Eat lomi
Day 2 Dive in Anilao
Day 3 Hear mass at the San Sebastian Cathedral
Day 4 Trek Mt. Gulugod Baboy in Mabini
Day 5 Climb up to Taal Volcano crater
Day 6 Go skimboarding in Nasugbu
Day 7 Have lunch on a balsa in Matabungkay beach
Day 8 Start your morning with a cup of kapeng barako
Day 9 Try halo-halo with lambanog in Casa Rap
Day 10 Speed up at the Batangas Racing Circuit
Day 11 Have bulalo for dinner
Day 12 Learn more about our Batangueño heroes
Day 13 Jose Rizal – Segunda Katigbak love story, one more time
Day 14 End your day with a bowl of goto
Day 15 Take sunset shots in Balete
Day 16 Learn the process of making Balayan bagoong
Day 17 Visit the Batangas Provincial Capitol Building
Day 18 Learn how to dance the ‘Subli’
Day 19 Visit the Jaybanga Rice Terraces in Lobo
Day 20 Cook sinaing na tulingan for lunch
Day 21 Learn 10 Batangueño words unfamiliar to you
Day 22 Witness actual cattle trading in Padre Garcia Livestock Auction Market
Day 23 Watch a panday make the famous balisong of Taal
Day 24 Visit the Calatagan mangrove forest
Day 25 Buy clay pots in San Juan
Day 26 Light a candle in Basilica of St. Martin de Tours in Taal
Day 27 Enjoy a boat ride to Sepoc Island in Tingloy
Day 28 Have a laidback by-the-beach weekend in Laiya
Day 29 Smile for some Batangueño sweets
Day 30 Experience the merriest Parada ng Lechon in Balayan

View this 30 of Batangas exploration in pictures!

Updated February 18, 2014

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