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Of Faith and Prudence: Batangueno Couple Share Inspiring Love Story

It pays to be patient.  Time and tolerance might present themselves as the incoming tide, ever mercurial, unpitying, and yet slowly, constantly gnawing at the rocks, subduing fragility and ultimately creating a shore that lasts a lifetime and more.

Di-ann, a 30ish lass who believes romantic relationships must be unhurried and mapped out; and Ryan, a Batangueno creative and one who frequently falls prey to the dreaded “Kailan ka mag-aasawa?” queries, seem to have created this inspiring love story put forth by their stoic faith and utter restraint for all things less than flawless.

In an interview with WowBatangas, she hinted that though she had nothing against the men she met, she can’t put off her cynical perspective on dating: “It was very hard for me to trust, ano pa kaya ang mag-commit?” she furthered while telling she felt fortunate and blessed all her life and wouldn’t want to jinx it with a hurried romantic relationship. Admittedly, her suitors were decent, earnest gentlemen; However, Di-ann was just waiting for what she felt was the right time and therefore, the right person.

Di- ann reveals this perspective of hers kept her away from love affairs… until she met Ryan.  Ryan, a photographer from Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, who, prior to meeting Di-ann, came from a long-term relationship but has nonetheless soldiered on to a happy and satisfied life— one that he thinks had primed him for the arrival of his future wife.

 “Una ko siyang nakita sa simbahan,” Ryan tells. “Ang ganda niya.”

Throughout his story, he hinted that he already had a crush on her from the get go. But what really got him in love was her being religious and her being seemingly close with her family. “Ang tagal kong hinintay at pinangarap na lumingon siya sa akin para magsabi ng peace be with you.”– a testament that Ryan was  the type who would also wait things out and play it safe. The young man was admiring her from afar or from 3 seats away, especially on jeepney commutes where he would frequently chance upon Di-ann.

They were introduced by common friends who thought Ryan and Di-ann’s personalities were a snug fit. Ryan and Di-ann, then just acquaintances, communicated through Facebook and since they are both from Mataasnakahoy, would randomly meet, talk, and basically know each other better.

It might be their almost identical personalities that drew them closer— their keen virtues of patience and prudence or perhaps, it’s God’s answers to Ryan’s questions amid tough times.

Ryan would eventually propose to Di-ann at Caleruaga Church in Nasugbu, Batangas, and even then, he waited it out and, like any other photographer, held back until all of the church-goers were out of sight.

Right at the fore of the regal Caleruega Chruch and surrounded by lush greeneries and a fantastic view of Taal Volcano, Ryan mustered up all his courage and asked the proverbial question.

“Ginutom nya ako kasi nag intay kami na maubos ang tao, ewan ko ba. Siguro akala nya mag-no ako, e samantalang iyon ang isa sa pinaka madali at sure na yes na nasabi ko,” Di-Ann looks back and is pretty sure that that moment (and man!) was what she has exactly hoped and waited for.

Now in their 1st year of wedded bliss, Ryan and Di-Ann share a love that is always giving, one that is enfolded in faith and attests that God’s timing is always perfect.  

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