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LOBO: Bliss in the Wake of Peaks

“Experiencing Lobo, for one day is not enough to explore its beauty. But I guess, once you’re there, even for one day, for sure you’ll feel that you are blessed and fortunate for it offers not only its beauty but it also open the doors to explore its history,” said Veverly.

Last February 20, I, together with my friends Dex, Rommel, Kaye and Vev’s, had an opportunity to go to one of the most visited and rapidly growing municipalities in the province of Batangas – Lobo. I am not speaking in behalf of my personal experience, instead I am talking of everybody’s notion whenever they come here. Lobo has been my home for almost 19 years and let me say that I’ve seen its hurried growth in terms of improving its economy and promoting its natural beauty and tourism.

On our way to our target location, I saw my friends’ excitement and when we got there, their initial reaction was, “Wow! Bongga!” It felt good on my part that at least, after our long way round, they appreciated the place where I came from.

The overwhelming treatment of the Loboans welcomed us. Everybody was very much willing to guide us to wherever we wanted to go. Kaye explained, “They are so hospitable. Kapag nginitian mo sila tiyak ngingitian ka nila in return. They would make your visit as memorable as it could be.”

Our one-day trip became worthwhile. We had the opportunity to visit the municipal government and know its history. We’d been to Pasalubong Center and learned that Sampalok (Tamarind) is one of their popular raw ingredients in making wine and candies. And we were also able to swim in one of the numerous beaches in this locality – Castillo Beach.

“I must say that this beach is really appropriate for family bonding as well as for friends who just want to relax and enjoy. You should visit this place. If you do so, for sure you will not regret it,” Dex said so confidently.

Lobo has been known for its high quantity and quality products. Aside from that, a feast called the Anihan Festival that is celebrated every September is the local’s way to give thanks to their patron who is believed to be sending them their everyday harvests. I witnessed this event for fifteen years, and all I can say is, it’s extremely wonderful.

You’ll not regret to live on this place for it offers you peaceful life. I love Lobo so much. Basta Lobo, Lamang!

– written by Mulina M. Cabatay

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