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Sta. Teresita, Batangas Tourist Destinations

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Sta. Teresita, Batangas boasts some of its natural, historic and cultural attractions centered around the town. One of these is the majestic Taal Volcano, one of the largest calderas in the world and the surrounding volcanic realm. Sta. Teresita is also a window to the near vertical rock-face view of Mount Maculot, a scene of tropical greenery and its mild climate.

Lakeshore Resorts in Sta. Teresita
There are two operating resorts in Sta. Teresita and one of these is the Villa Marissa Resort that can be found in Brgy. Saimsim. Bounded on east and north by Municipality of San Nicolas and on South by Brgy. Tambo Ilaya, Brgy. Saimsim is located at the northeastern portion of the municipality. Among the features of the developing resorts are the full view of the famous Taal Volcano and the legendary Mount Maculot, one of the favorite places to visit by mountaineers and devotees during Lenten season. The greenery which surrounds the place echoes the beauty of nature and make one feel a true peaceful relaxation.

As of this time, seven coastal barangays in Sta. Teresita are being developed by the Municipality as a potential tourist spots: Saimsim, Tambo Ilaya, Tambo Ibaba, Calumala, Poblacion 1, Cuta East and West.

Restoration of the Historical Sunken Church and Development of Its Adjoining Area
One of the targeted Tourist Development Projects of the Municipality of Sta. Teresita is the Development of the Sunken Church which could be found in the eastern part of the municipality, more or less 2 kms. from the town proper.

History shows that Sta. Teresita was once a part and parcel of the Municipality of Bauan and this “Sunken Church” was its very own “OLD BAUAN CHURCH” which was abandoned in 1692 and thru wear and tear is now hidden by trees and vines along Lake Taal’s Southern Shore.

The ruins of the church are still intact, its stone wall about 7 meters high and one meter thick made of hewn stones unlike that of Old Taal Church made of corals, its magnificent stone wall more or less 6-7 meters high had resisted Taal Volcano’s earthquakes and choking jungle for at least 3 centuries. The vertical opening made of stone is more or less 1.5 x 1.5 meters. Going deeper into the ruins, you could find a room about 6 x 2.5 m. with three support posts of hewn stones about 1 square meter and its ceiling held by stone blocks. The height from the floor is about 1.5 meters. The chamber was well engineered. Also intact was a stone font for holy water which vividly identified that it was the entrance of the church.

At present, there are no access roads to reach the place; nevertheless, there are ways and means to get there. Land travel via Brgy. Saimsim and taking a boat ride or thru Poblacion I Barangay Roads, then walking about 400 meters, one can see for himself the hidden mystery and beauty of the place.

With the advent of the strategic plan of the municipality, it pinpoined the Tourism Development Program as of main income generators and a way in its struggle for a self-reliant and progressive community. Embodied therein are the Development of the Sunken Church as well as the amenities and facilities which could attract tourists to flock and enjoy the wonderful beauty of the hidden treasure.

Thru the concerted efforts of the national, provincial and the municipal government, another Wonder of the World could be developed which could trigger the known and economic prosperity not only of the municipality and province but the Philippines as a whole.

Source: Municipal Planning and Development Office / Tourism Office, Municipality of Sta. Teresita, Batangas.

Last Updated: November 8, 2013

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