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Bauan Diver’s Sanctuary : Enjoy the Best Dive Spots of Batangas

Bauan Divers Sanctuary (3)

Getting There
It was early morning last June 3, 2014 when we packed up from Mataasnakahoy and left for the boundary of San Luis and Bauan, Batangas, where Bauan Diver’s Sanctuary is located. I was very excited because it will be my first time in San Luis, one of two towns of Batangas Province I haven’t been to yet (the other is Tingloy, although we’ve set foot already in Sepoc Beach which is part of Maricaban Island).

This was the route that we took – Mataasnakahoy->Lipa->San Jose->Cuenca->Alitagtag->and from Muzon to San Luis, Batangas. I made a mental to note to stop by the church and municipal hall to get stock photos, because it may take sometime before we can come back. (And that’s exactly what we did!)

From San Luis town proper, our pick-up point Brgy. Balite was just 15 minutes away. Upon getting there we had our breakfast – pandesals and peanut butter from a [email protected]#, new pandesal chain that’s suddenly in every corner. Good enough, but it made me feel guilty not patronizing our local bakers.

Apparently there is no road going directly to the resort, which is part of Bauan, Batangas, and their staff on boats picked us up and brought us there in less than 10 minutes.

The Resort
Because the resort caters to groups of divers, most of their rooms accommodate 4-6 people. Each room has different styling and setup which makes them unique, and each one deserves to be compared to a high-end hotel room. Furnishings were top of the line and the bathroom is flawless.

Bauan Diver’s Sanctuary is first and foremost, a diving resort. In front of it lay the sea and the dive spots that captivated the interest of divers of the world. The professional and well-trained guides and crew of Diver’s Sanctuary will make sure that you are safe and that your diving experience will be like no other because they can show you places under the water that only a local can do.

This all started in 2004, when the owner Ms. Lourdes Lowings decided to buy the property and develop it into a world-class diving resort. Tita Lou is a very lively and energetic person, and soon we are caught in her world and amazed by her stories – how in her childhood in Nueva Vizcaya she always loved the environment and nature and grew up being a tour guide in Vizcaya’s underground rivers, which according to her, is even more amazing than Palawan’s. Soon her adventures will lead her to Hongkong and the UK, and with all her hardwork, she was able to come back here in the Philippines to retire. She chose Batangas because she was always fond of the sea, and our province just may be the best sea-side province of the archipelago because of the variety of water-related activities it can offer, most importantly its great dive spots.

Each resort is also identified by the menu that it offers, and Bauan Diver’s Sanctuary’s Restaurant should always be in the conversation for the best food in the province. Newly-installed in their kitchen is a set from Italy, which rolls out the best cuisine of the world from the hands of their head chef. Just look at how mouth-watering these are!

Activities and Events
Aside from diving, guests can do kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and tree planting. Just meters in front of the resort lay corals and fish schools which you can see just by having a mask and vests. The small island of Ligpo is also just a kayak away, and although there is structure built on top of it now, the sight of it is just magnificent.

Inside the resort is a saltwater pool which you can swim on and which can also serve as the training pool for diving. The resort also offers spa service so that you can relax and get ready for the next dive.

Weddings, Debuts, and Birthday Parties are also accommodated on the resort.

Resort and Diving Rates

Here are the published rates of the resort:

  1. Package Rate
  2. Diver                                                                                           4,816.00/pax
    Inclusive: 4 meals, 2 snacks, unlimited diving
    (gears not included), aircon room with hot
    And cold shower, welcome drinks.
  1. Non-Diver                                                                                  4,368.00/pax
    Inclusive: 4 meals, 2 snacks, aircon room with
    Hot and cold shower, welcome drinks
  1. Daytrip Diver (no room)                                                         3,024.00/pax
    Inclusive: Lunch, afternoon snack, unlimited diving
  1. Daytrip-Non-Diver                                                                   2,464.00/pax
    Inclusive:Lunch, afternoon snack, welcome drinks


  1. Non-Package Rate
  2. Deluxe Room                                                                           12,000.00
    With breakfast good for 4 pax
    Extra additional per pax                                              2,900.00
    Plus 12% VAT
  1. Executive Suite                                                                       14,000.00
    With breakfast good for 4 pax
    Extra additional per pax                                                  2,900.00
    Plus 12% VAT
  1. Family Suite                                                                            16,000.00
    With breakfast good for 4 pax
    Extra additional per pax                                                  2,900.00
    Plus 12% VAT


  1. Diving Course Offered: (PADI)
  2. Intro Diving                                                                             2,500.00/pax
  3. Certified Open Water                                                           18,500.00/pax
  4. Advance Open Water                                                            16,500.00/pax
  5. Rescue Diving                                                                         18,500.00/pax
  6. Emergency First Response                                                    6,500.00/pax
  7. Nitrox                                                                                       10,500.00/pax
  8. Certified Dive Master                                                           45,000.00/pax
  9. Discover Scuba                                                                        4,500.00

Don’t worry guys! Diver’s Sanctuary will be offering huge discounts for bookings by Batanguenos. Watch out for that here in WOWBatangas.com

Contact Information

Soon we will go back there for our introductory dive, and hopefully a full course to being a licensed diver. They are also building new rooms for couple and single occupants, which will make the resort friendlier to smaller groups.

Contact Details:

Adjacent Ligpo Point Divesite
Brgy. San Pablo, Bauan Batangas, Philippines

For Reservations please call:
Merced: +639178034952
Lourdes Lowings: +85261933925 (HK)

This post is sponsored by Bauan Diver’s Sanctuary Resort.

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