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The birth of BERRT (Batangas Economic Recovery Roundtable)

Almost a month after the Taal Volcano Eruption, 5000+ families are still staying in Evacuation Centers according to Batangas Province PDRRMC as of February 7, 2020. Even some industries especially the businesses in the Tourism industry are greatly affected even they’re outside the affected areas. This creates another problem as many Batangueños rely on these businesses to provide for their families.

These circumstances give ways to the birth of BERRT or Batangas Economic Recovery Roundtable which is a private sector-led multi-sectorial initiative for effective coordination of economic recovery efforts in the province of Batangas.

BERRT aims to serve as the channel between the local government units of Batangas, the National Government Agencies, Various CSOs/NGOs and the business sectors. This event is envisioned to be a series of small-group roundtable discussions that will involve all the sectors and stakeholders in Batangas that have been affected by the recent Taal incident.

The roundtable will also focus on sharing of experiences which will be used to establish best practices to improve disaster/evacuation planning in case of the possible resumption of the Taal Eruption. It will also cover economic recovery efforts of the disruption and losses that the Taal Volcano Eruption has brought to the Local Batangas Economy.

The Convenor Group of BERRT is composed of FAITH Colleges, Office of the Provincial Governor, Department of Interior and Local Government Region IV, Office of the Civil Defense Region IV, Department of Social Welfare and Development Region IV, National Economic and Development Authority Region IV and Department of Tourism Region IV in cooperation with Batangas Investment Council, Batangas Development Summit, Batangas Tourism Council, Batangas Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office & Batangas Provincial Information Office.

Photos by Edison Manalo and Dexter Balita

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