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Fariñas Ilocos Empanada Lipa Branch

1994 Ayala Hwy, Lipa, Batangas, Philippines
0956 067 21030956 067 2103

Fariñas Ilocos Empanada, located at Dayton Food Park, Ayala Highway, Lipa City, is one of a handful of genuine Ilokano Restaurants in the province of Batangas. They serve authentic Ilocos Empanada and the all-time Filipino favorite Bagnet in a variety of savory and delicious dishes.


The Manila branches of Farinas Ilocos Empanada are doing really well, as observed by the Tiu Family of San Jose, Batangas who are the main supplier of eggs in all the branches. When the opportunity came, the Tiu Family grabbed it and decided to introduce the brand here in Lipa City. It was an immediate hit, as most Batanguenos have been to Vigan and Ilocos Province, and already knew of the tasty Ilocos Empanada.

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The Restaurant

The restaurant which can be seen along Ayala Highway is a combination of modern materials and the traditional flair of Vigan houses. There are a few tables on the first floor and a very spacious second floor for a lot of families and friends to fit into. The kitchen is very clean and the cooks all have the proper tools in preparing the food.

The Menu

Immediately we dove into a handful of Ilocos Empanada and were inundated with the musky taste of the longganisa and the rich texture of the papaya and egg fillings. The crunchy exterior gave a fulfilling-sound to every bite, and if you close your eyes it is as if you are transported in the streets of Vigan.

Aside from the empanada, you might want to try the bagnet dishes as well, like the sisig and the pakbet. Another hit is the savory Poque Poque, a dish made of eggs, tomatoes, onions and eggplant.

 Ordinary (1 egg ,vegetables)  50
 Special (1 egg ,1 pc.longganisa,vegetables)  60
 Extra Special  (1 egg 2pcs.longganisa ,vegetables)  79
 Super special(2 egg 2 pcs longganisa,vegetables)  90
 Ultimate empanada (1 egg ,1 pc longganisa, Crunchy bagnet vegetables)
 Sulit Meal (2 pcs longganisa sliced tomatoes, Salted egg or fried egg)  90
 Bagnet Meal (Bagnet ,sliced tomatoes, Salted egg or fried egg)  160
 Combo Meal (Bagnet,2pcs longganisa , Sliced tomatoes, salted egg or fried egg)  180
 1 Kilo  700
 1/2 Kilo  350
 1/4 Kilo  200
 Cooking Charger  75
 1 Kilo  500
 1/2 Kilo  200
 1 Kilo Beef Tapa  550
 Non Alcoholic
 Soft drinks : Coke ,Coke Zero, Royal, Sprite, Rootbeer  50
 Pineapple Juice  40
 Houseblend Ice Tea  35
 Fruit Shakes : Mango, Watermelon, Melon  90
 Bottled Water  20
 San Mig Light  55
 Pale Pilsen Long  55
 San Miguel Flavored Beer  50
 Red Horse  50
 Smirnoff Mule  69
 Andy Player Whiskey and Cola  69
 Bucket of Beer  330
 Good for 15 Persons  2599
 1 kilo longganisa
1 kilo bagnet
1 sizzling bagnet
1 igado ala carte
1 pinakbet w/ bagnet
1 poqui poqui
1 bangus
5 special empenada
4 platters of rice
3 pitchers of iced tea
 Group meals
 Good for 3-5persons
1/4 kilo bagnet
1 crispy dinuguan
1 poqui poqui
1 platter of rice
5 iced tea
 Good for 10 persons  1799
 1/2 k longganisw
1/2 k bagnet
1 pinakbet
5 special empanada
1 poqui poqui
1 pancit bagnet
2 plattere of rice
2 pitchers of iced tea
 Bonuan Boneless Bangus  115
 Longganisa Hubad  110
 Igado  125
 Ilocos Beef Tapa  120
 Insarabasab  120
 Salted Egg Bagnet  190
 Crispy Boneless Dilis  155
 Pinakbet with Bagnet (Good for 3)  200
 Poqui Poqui  110
 Dinakdakan  140
 Crispy Dinuguan  140
 Bagis (Chicharong Bulaklak)  115
 Sizzling Bagnet  200

Very soon the Ilocos Empanada and Bagnet that you love will be delivered straight to your homes and offices. They are also planning to sell longganisa and bagnet by the kilo so watch out for that.

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