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Things to Bring on a Taal Volcano Trip

A trip to any place wouldn’t be that enjoyable or rather be complete if you don’t bring with you the things you need for that tour. You should also know important things about the place that you’re going to so you could prepare well. Last Monday, the WOWBatangas team went …

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How to Go to Taal Volcano Crater

One of the best things to do around Batangas is to experience its natural attractions. Batangas is indeed blessed with scenic, world-class, areas which no amount of money could ever replace. Such is the case of that etherial top view from the Taal Volcano Crater. Where a whole world of …

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Job Openings in Talisay, Batangas

Are you looking for employment in Talisay, Batangas? There are a number of resorts in Talisay and if you belong on the field of hospitality management, you can find employment in this town. Check out the latest job vacancies in Talisay, Batangas. Who knows, your future employer may just be …

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Karakol Festival of Talisay, Batangas

Visit the Talisay page for all information on Talisay. Here’s our story on the Karakol Festival of Talisay, Batangas. We went there February 8, 2011 to witness this festival for the first time. We traveled all the way to Talisay, first, to witness the Karakol – a religious event held …

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