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Job Openings in Talisay, Batangas

Are you looking for employment in Talisay, Batangas? There are a number of resorts in Talisay and if you belong on the field of hospitality management, you can find employment in this town. Check out the latest job vacancies in Talisay, Batangas. Who knows, your future employer may just be …

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Karakol Festival of Talisay, Batangas

Visit the Talisay page for all information on Talisay. Here’s our story on the Karakol Festival of Talisay, Batangas. We went there February 8, 2011 to witness this festival for the first time. We traveled all the way to Talisay, first, to witness the Karakol – a religious event held …

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With Miracle Fruit, nothing is too sour

Have you heard about the miracle fruit? We had our first encounter with this seemed to be mysterious fruit last December 2010, during the Ala Eh Festival Trade Fair at SM Lipa. We were so eager to try it’s magical effect so when we’re set to cover the event, we …

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Karakol Festival 2011 Video – Talisay, Batangas

We finally got our chance to go to Talisay and join them in their Town Fiesta Celebration last February 8-10, 2011. For the full-write up on our experience, go to this post. Aside from the Parada ng Lechon of Balayan, Talisay’s Karakol was one of the festival where almost all …

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Festivals of Talisay, Batangas

The town of Talisay, Batangas celebrates two festivals — the Karakol Festival and the Punlad Festival. The first one, the Karakol Festival is in commemoration of Talisay’s patron saint, San Guillermo. Karakol is a religious dance held on the streets and is participated mostly by elder people of Talisay. But …

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Places to Visit in Talisay, Batangas

Talisay, Batangas is famous for its geographical location — having the vast Taal Lake and the magnificent view of Mt. Binintian or what most people think is the Taal Volcano (the small cone-like land form at the center of the lake). And because of this view, there had been a …

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