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Boating On Taal Lake

Since I was a child there’s no fear for me to ride on a boat. I really love to see the beauty of an ocean or any body of water I would have to sail onto. That’s why when our team had an instant trip to Taal Volcano Island last year, that got me excited! Sasakay sa bangka eh. 🙂

Most of us enjoyed boating on Taal Lake because it was placid and the weather was good. From the boat I can see the Volcano Island and it’s really beautiful especially if you are between Talisay’s wharf and the volcano island.

From mainland Talisay, we rode a motorboat and it took 15 to 20 minutes to reach Taal Volcano Island.

After trekking to Taal volcano’s crater, we left and rode again the boat back to Talisay. The lake was different then, from being placid, the water became a bit rough, maalon na ng konti. But that’s okay with me because that’s when the thrill kicks in!

Do you have any fond memories of boating on Taal Lake? Share it with us!

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  1. Kristel Joy Auxilio

    Me too! Had a blasting boating experience going to Taal Volcano. Ever since a kid, I’ve been wanting to go to Taal Volcano mainly because I want to ride a boat. But of course, to see the volcano too. I was able to really experience it just this year, month of April. It was ecstatic!
    Here’s my pic.

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