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Sweetness Overload: Lian’s Toasted Meringue

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Aside from frequenting Matabungkay beach, one of my fondest memories of Lian, Batangas when I was younger was finishing a pack of meringue all by myself. Because I can’t have enough, I’d get another one then hello, tooth fairy! Sakit sa ipin!

But it has always been a joy to munch on those toasted meringues. I’ve always prefer meringue from Lian than the colored ones available in the public market in other towns near us. Those are the small colored meringues packed in ice candy plastics that color your mouth. Quite annoying to see pink or green stain on your teeth!

What these heavenly sweet treat is made of? Basically egg whites, superfine sugar, and cream of tartar. Ewan ko lang if Lian-made meringues got a secret ingredient but that’s basically what you’ll need.

meringue - Lian, Batangas

The perfect meringue requires strict following of the procedures. Medyo maselan sa temperature at sa pag-beat ng egg whites. Akala mo super simple lang gawin but it will take a lot of patience for first-timers to try baking meringues. Tapos wala pang limang minuto pag kinain buong pack. 😀

Where to buy the best meringue in Lian? The Golden Merengue Bakeshop in J.P. Rizal Street is one of the most popular bakeshops where you can get these toasted meringues, Lian’s OTOP.

Last Updated: September 5, 2013

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