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Ability beyond disability: PWD Job Fair by JCI Lipa

Thousands of students graduate every year and it’s common to see Job Fairs everywhere here in Batangas for fresh grads to find a perfect fit job.

Annually, JCI Lipa organizes a regular job fair for job seekers which is called Grab-a-Job and as part of its efforts to empower (PWDs) Persons with a disability, they decided to organize a job fair specifically for PWDs held yesterday at Robinson’s Place Lipa. They have arranged several programs for PWD to prepare for this kind of event like a basic sign language seminar.

According to Ms. Fatima Toreja (Project Chairman of the said event), when PWDs go to regular job fairs some employers overlook their ability and makes them shy to apply for a position. They invited companies and organizations from Batangas and neighboring towns and cities who are open to having PWD employees.

Some of the invited companies and organizations are TESDA Batangas which gives free seminars/courses for PWDs and also bring some of their graduates and give a free massage, pedicure, and manicure to our beloved PWDs.

Asurion, a remanufacturing company from Santa Rosa, Laguna joined the event not just to hire PWDs but to share stories of hired PWD employees, benefits of hiring them and how it improves their companies working environment. They started accepting PWD employees since 2016 and surprisingly PWD employees excel in their craft and give their best in everything they do. Their working environment also improved a lot because non-PWD employees learned how to properly deal with PWD employees.

JCI Lipa also gives “Blue Badges” to PWDs which are stickers they can attach to their vehicles to help establishment recognize them easily and give PWDs better experiences and assistance on their allotted parking spaces.

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