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10 Unhealthy Habits You Should Get Rid Off Now

Because of my want/goal/aim/hope/wish/whatever of living a healthier lifestyle, I ran through this article on one of my frequented websites, and landed on this hard-hitting article “10 Bad Health Habits You Should Drop ASAP”.

Whoa! I can’t believe I’m so guilty of committing 7 out of the 10 items on the list. And that goes for almost everyday/every week of my life. Me bad. 🙁

I want to share the “10 Bad Health Habits You Should Drop ASAP” with the hope that those who are “trying” to have a healthier lifestyle as me, would be given a wake up call with a bang! I would just list down the items and will have my own points on each one.

1. Hitting the snooze button

I’m super guilty with this one. For example, I would set my alarm at 6:30am. Then I would hit the snooze button for about twice or thrice with 10-minute interval. The result? Doing my next before-going-to-the-office activities in a rush which I personally don’t like. Ugh.

2. Not getting enough sleep

I don’t hit the sack earlier than 10pm, unless I’m sick or I’m too tired to keep my eyes wide awake. My usual number of sleeping hours is between 7 to 7.5 hours. Not good enough.

3. Poor eating habits

Oh, I know you’ve also been told countless times to eat right. Eat right means you have to take in right amount of what you eat and the right quality food that was proven to be good for your health. So avoid hitting your favorite fast food chain even if you’re really salivating for that quarter pounder burger.

4. Procrastinating

“Wait lang, five minutes.” – Are you often using this line slash excuse? If you keep on asking for five minutes more before you do a task, you wasted five precious minutes of your life kung hiningi mo lang yun dahil tinatamad ka pa.

5. Overworking yourself

Guilty? Think of your family and the number of times you have missed an important family gathering just because you need to bury yourself in front of your computer for a whole day.

6. Being a worrywart

Oh, I worry too much when things get out of hand. Sometimes, problems hit you like you’re a dart board and it’s just so disappointing. What you should do? Breathe and take a rest away from it all.

Madalas sabihin ng marami sa atin na harapin mo ang problema at ‘wag mong tatakbuhan. Mukhang nagbago na ngayon. Kapag may problema ka daw, daanan mo lang, ‘wag mong tambayan. 😉

7. Not exercising

They say a good 30 minutes of exercise a day would give you long-term benefits. I agree. Are you fond of yoga or biking or running?

8. Going to bed with your makeup on

Nakakatamad man gawin but we ladies should cleanse every night if you’ve worn makeup the whole day. That’s why I got myself those facial tissues which are good for wiping off makeup for as good as 3 minutes and the ever gentle Cetaphil.

9. Not using sunscreen

I’m sure you don’t want to purchase all the anti-aging products in the market when you’re still in your 20s. The sun could damage our skin without us knowing it. So grab yourself an ample sunscreen protection.

10. Working in unhygienic environments

I can’t live without isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer. Thinking how many infectious germs are breeding all over my workplace, I can’t seem to just be at ease. So start cleaning your desk and your gadgets before any virus might attack you.

How many of these 10 items are you guilty of committing? Uncheck one every day and let’s all walk to a healthier living. Love your bod, folks! 😉

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